Thursday, August 5, 2010

tea time! :]

ugh /)___= i feel terrible that i haven't blogged in AGES!
i feel like i just don't have time or know what to say when i do think about blogging and when i do have internet and possible things to blog about, i'm at a rut >____>

but anyways, i guess i'll post up on some things that i've bought since my last blog :]

i really love those huge mugs that could practically be a bowl and i bought one for myself at ross. [[probably one of my fav stores since ive bought a lot of things from there already. lol]] adn it's an aries mug! :] i kind of believe in astrology and even if some of the ones that i read aren't all that accurate, i think it's pretty interesting none the less :] i also like my sign as well. i think it fits me in different ways.

i have two of these kinds of mugs now and incidently they both come from ross. haha. i like using them to drink tea and other drinks sometimes out of them cuz i think they're a lot better than your standard mug plus they're pretty fun to hold and it's actually pretty cozy to wrap both your hands around when it's cold :]

this is a tea cup that my friend charlene got me from her trip to japan a couple of months ago and as you can see, it is friggin ADORABLE!! i've only used it a couple of times cuz i'm kinda scared that i might break it cuz, c'mon, it's from japan and it's totally cute. if it broke i'd probably be the equivalant to a neverland fairy dying. ...ok that might sound a little weird but yea. haha

when i was taking photos of my tea cup and huge mug, i had a dork idea and decided to make green tea and drink it out of my tea cup with my vintage chinese robe. yes. it's very cheesey i know. i took a picture of myself doing so, but it's kind of embarassing haha.

this past couple of months i also found myself getting quite into rings. granted i've only bought two new rings but regardless, i wear them quite often and usually have one on.

[[top to bottom: snake ring-love diva [[sale! scooore!]] quartz necklace-hoover dam gift shop [[ok so i know that that's not a ring, but still]] gold vintage ring-del mar fair]]

i usually wear the ring that i got from the fair out and about cuz i just find it really pretty to look at :] adn as you can probably tell, i like gold things. mostly cuz silver just looks silly on me :P

well that's all i think i can post up for now :] i'll make sure i make more of a habit to post more outfit posts. and try to go on more photo adventures :]

hopefully i'll be able to take one soon with my friends cuz my friend jan is setting up a chictopia account adn i've been dying to play dress up/photo x] lol

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