Wednesday, January 26, 2011

embers and envelopes

i've been meaning to do a "my photographers" blog for a while now and now that i finally got some photos with one of my camera shy photographers i thought i might as well do one now! :]

my cousin yvanna here takes a lot of my other photos when i'm too lazy to do them at home or when we're out and about and i don't have my tripod. [[in which case she plays the human tripod lol]] she'll sometimes give me ideas on how to pose for pictures or if something looks off or stupid when i'm editing my photos for my blogs. and i rely on her to tell me the truth cuz, c'mon, i don't wanna look stupid in my pictures! [[unless i want to and the pictures are funny c[: ]]

[[ok, well truthfully, this shot was taken by my cousin's friend rustin but unfortunately he's not pictured :/ he had to go home in the middle of the "shoot"]]

and that is one of my lovely photographers :] [[whom i work to death lol jk]]

p.s. we kinda matched that day [[white t+jeans]] so she went and got brown heels to match my wedges and she borrowed my scarf too. haha
we hang around so much sometimes our styles rub off on each other and tend to have the same outfit on every once in a while c[:
idk, i like to think i'm a positive style influence on her x] i've even gotten her into wearing tights so thats pretty cool eh? ;]

t shirt-hane's men's
wedges-steve madden
scarf-borrowed from my mom

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"i got 99 problems but this dress aint one!"

ok, so talking about christmas presents this late into the year is...well late, but my friends and i had a little christmas gift exchange two weeks ago

and my friend charlene [[second from left]] gave me this really cute purple stripped knit dress :]
at first i had a little trouble figuring out how to wear it but last night inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks and i realized how versitile it really was. [[and how comfy :3 ]] and i did a little remix of it! :D

sooo i tried to style it for something like work/office, though i'm not sure body con mini dresses are appropriate for work but hey, i thought it'd be cute no? :]
then! i threw on my trusty leather jacket and heels and to be honest, to quote ke$ha i felt "hot and dangerous" bahahahaha xD c'mon, leather jacket+hot dress+killer heels+studs! how can one not feel "sick and sexified"? lol [[ok enough lame ke$ha jokes on my part haha]]

of course, how can i not pair it with my favorite skirt?? the outfit just seemed so comfy [[well, except for the heels :/ i still have yet to get used to walking in heels]] and fun and all the colors, textures and patterns just seemed so cute and fun i had to play my k-pop playlist. especially "gee"-girl's generation [[check it out on youtube and fall in love with it nao!!]] i had to try hard to not dance while the timer on my camera was going off cuz i have yet to master an action shot and make it look good, but believe me, i was "getting my gee on" ;]
and lastly, i tied it up and wore it like a blouse

yea, tying up tops that were big on you to make them more fitted was,i felt, something that was popular in my high school but i don't really think i'd do this outside of the house or gym to my regular clothes. doing it to this dress kinda gave me a little bunny tail as you can see, but you have to admit, it'd be cute as a top as well ;]
anyhoo, stripes in general are really versitile anyways. it's like a wardrobe necessity in my eyes and a timeless classic as well that can pretty much go with everything.
so thanks again charlene for the bomb dress! :D

dress-gift from charlene
leather jacket-hawke&co.
purple booties-ross
skirt-cotton on
vamprire teeth necklace-vintage

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

outtakes! :D

outtakes from my ophelia shoot earlier this week :D

[[look you can see the towel i'm laying on! lol]]

[[obligatory foot shot haha. i forgot to put on the timer]]

[[yea...this shot looks slightly ghetto haha]]

[[yea, i thought this was funny spoof kind of thing to do since y'know, ophelia drowned herself and]]

Monday, January 10, 2011

satellite heart

"i'm a satellite heart, lost in the dark/ ive spun out so far/ you stop i start/ but i'll be true to you"-satellite heart by anya marina

a long time ago i saw a beautiful painting of Ophelia from Hamlet done by John Everett Millais

and i've always kind of been inspired by it and thought it would be cool if i ever had the chance to do a photo like this.
i've seen photos of people trying their hand at it and last week inspiration kinda hit when my mom was watering our indoor the bathtub...
like this! :D :

we have one of those detachable showerhead things and she uses it as a hose to water all the plants and i thought, "o this'll be cool to use for that ophelia photo i've been wanting to take" only instead of water, i'd be "drowning" in plants.
i dunno, much more floral and i thought i'd be pretty cool.
but jeez, was it hard to do! i couldn't fit in with all the plants and laydown all within 10 seconds [[self timer]] plus i had no photographer to help me so my trusty tripod was there the whole way :]
so was in my bathtub...not the best amount of room but, hey, gotta work with whatcha got ;]

also, after a couple of failed attempts of trying to lie down in my bathtub w the plants i just decided to do away with them all [[ who needs 'em? *humph* >:]]

and also, you can obviously see i moved on to trying to use fabric to symbolize/replace water.
i could've very well used water and just have it like that, but i didn't really want to fill up my bathtub and i thought it would be a waste of water :/ also i think i would've been terrified if i had somehow gotten my camera wet somewhere during the shoot. [[no photographer -,-]]
does using fabric in this way make me cheesey? i think so. just a little bit. haha but again, gotta work with what i have :]

i tried to do something like this too with my fabric but alas, it wasn't as sheer. so i kinda...just draped it on my head. haha kinda wish it moved more like water but eh, whattaya gonna do? -,-
i'd like to try this again [[with help]] but for now, i hope you guys enjoy :]

dress-from pacsun
necklace-christmas gift from jan :]
sarong-my mom's