Tuesday, June 28, 2011

stop callin i don't wanna talk anymore

i have got to say, tumblr is such a good way to find inspiration for outfits :]
a couple of weeks ago i found a picture of this little girl in what i think was probably part of some look book. i thought she was too cute and her outfits were pretty awesome. but then again i also thought, "now what kid her age would wear that and what would she be doing?" because she looked really young and should be out playing on a jungle gym but i dunno.
anyhoo, digressing aside, one particular outfit that she had on really stuck out to me and i knew i had to try my hand at it.
so voila! >:D

and i guess my dog frisco got a bit curious as to what i was doing and decided to photo bomb a couple of shots. [[or maybe he's actually just a big ol ham like his mama :)]]
also since frisco was being so friendly and hanging around me while i was taking pictures i kinda regretted not wearing my "frisco inspired" outfit instead.
yea, i have an outfit inspired by my dog... because i am such a dog lady =____=
i had done one like that before with my dog zorro [[ seen here]] and i thought it'd be cool to do one for my other dog frisco.
._______. so yea... on to another topic!

after i had put this outfit together it kinda reminded me of one of the opening scenes to the lady gaga music video "telephone". like where she's being led to her jail cell, but i don't think i really come close to that outfit [[or any of her other ones for that matter]] but still, i couldn't help playing that song while i was taking pictures c[:
trench coat-target

Thursday, June 23, 2011

sweet pea

yup, it's another post guest starring my niece izzy :] i've been wanting to do a post where we're kinda matching and this particular day we actually kinda were! :D [[this was actually right after my cousin's graduation dinner from the previous post. i woulda put these pictures up then but then it would've turned into a realllly long post :p]]

she surprisingly enjoys helping and taking pictures with her auntie. okay, that last one i'm not too surprised at because sometimes when she comes down to visit and i'm there, she asks me if we're gonna take pictures lol. but when this was going on and i was telling her that we were gonna start taking pictures, she was playing tag or hide and go seek with her other little cousins but when she heard me, she ran straight to her mom if she could go outside with me and yvanna to take pictures. c[: she's a cutie. and when her cousins came outside to see what she was leaving them for, they asked her, "why are you taking pictures for?" and she replied "cuz i like to :]" x] ugh! this girl! too precious!

though i might have to teach her different smiles because sometimes she makes awkward ones like me lol. hell, even when i was her age i awkward smiled a lot. [[i've been told i "smile like mickey mouse" and if you put a picture of me with that smile and one of mickey mouse, you'd totally know what i was talking about hahaha]]

but regardless, she has quite the smile when you get her to laugh especially now since her two front teeth are gone xD she actually likes to show it off and show me how her new "big girl" teeth are peeking out little by little :]

wedges-steve madden

*unfortunately i forgot to ask izzy's mom [[my cousin michelle]] where she got izzy's adorable outfit =____= sorry guys!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tell me what you know about dreams

so, in keeping to the theme of catching you guys up on what's been going on lately, my cousins matthew and almond and my niece leanza graduated from high school! :D
they grow up so fast x') i can't believe they're already on their way to college!

pretty much the whole immediate family [[which is still a lot of people lol]] came down to support our grads. we're all pretty happy and proud of them and wish them the best when they get into college :]
we later on proceeded to a chinese restaurant called lucky star and gorged ourselves on yummy food :9 [[we usually go when they're serving dim sum but unfortunately it ends at 3pm ;____; i love dim sum...]] and looking back, i regret not taking pictures of all the delicious food to make your tummies growl :p haha

Monday, June 20, 2011

life and love are the same

o my goodness! why do i feel like i've had such a busy two weeks?? i even find myself not remembering whole days .___. or maybe that's just a combo of summer haze+busy-ness+my typical forgetfulness :p
for the most part i've been running errands most days and every other day i'll have some kind of even popping up. [[and when i say "event" i mean, "something other than errand running :p]] like hang outs with my girls, a high school graduation or two, or hanging out with the cousins/aj.
my cousin Eliza [[i call her "ate liza" [[pronounced "ah-teh" which means "older sister" in filipino]]]] and her busband BJ came down from hawaii with their baby daughter Sophia not too long ago. [[she and the baby came down june 1 and bj came down last wednesday night]] and it's been pretty awesome having them back down here at home :] we haven't seen them since last thanksgiving and after having bj come back last week, well, it just felt like the whole gang was back together again :]

also bringing a happy bouncing baby like sophia is pretty damn awesome too :] i'm getting my "baby fix" every other day in the form of this little girl and of course my neice izzy and her brothers ethan and tristan :]
anyhoo, i was just looking through all the pictures i've taken since last post and...it's a loooot ;____; and i don't want this to be a photo dump kind of post so i'm gonna try and post everyday to catch y'all up since my mornings during the weekday are pretty chill :p
so, see you guys next post :]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

you'll get much more than you bargained for

oh! what! hey! another wonder twin post! :D
yup, since i've been unearthing my skirt/dress collection for summer i thought i'd take another wack at the skirt amber from modest june with some cropped tops that i bought with my friends a while ago.
i've also noticed that whenever i wear this skirt i always end up pairing it with either a black or striped top but since those are usually my favorite things to wear, can you really blame me? c[:i was actually looking around the internet [[especially tumblr]] for outfit inspirations and i found a lovely photo of a gal in a pink maxi skirt with a striped top and tried to replicate it in my own way buuuuut...let's just say that that ended up as an epic fail haha. i tried different combinations but my stripes just were not cutting it for my particular maxi skirt :p so i just ended up experimenting and going off outfit tangents until i came to this outfit.
i find that a lot of great things happen by accident, right?

also ended up pairing it with what i'd have to say are the highest heels i've ever owned [[o______o]] which prompted me to make me think i was some kind of ballerina and spin in front of my camera like a 4 year old. [[a little bit dangerous actually since i tripped over myself twice but then again, i'm naturally clumsy so...yea haha]]

btw, this post's title is from "meddle"-little boots. it's one of those songs that i like to play when i feel like...mmm a force to be reckoned with? ;] haha

crop top-ross
skirt- c/o modest june
deer necklace-forever 21
ring-county fair

it's all the glory that i bare

short post up today i'm afraid :/
i haven't really been taking outfit photos lately since both of my main photographers [[aj and my cousin yvanna]] have both been busy with work and school and i've been hesitant to take photos with my tripod. which is kinda weird since i've used my trusty 'pod since the very beginning but i've just gotten so used to having someone take my photo :p
anyhoo, i cracked and thought i'd document what i wore last night on my mini "girl date" with my friend rochelle :]

actually threw this together super last minute but i've also had this top hanging out on my wall with a beanie for a photo shoot i've been meaning to do for a couple of days but you know how this goes. running out the door>grab what you can and hope you don't look stupid. i even managed to grab some jewelry! :D again, these were the closest to me so i'm just glad it all came together :]
i actually rocked my nerd-ette side with my time turner necklace :]
as you can tell, i love harry potter and i'm pretty stoked for the last movie :3 i'm hoping that i score some early release movie tickets like i did for the last one. that'd be pretty awesome right?? :D
but yea, i had a mini "girl date" with rochelle and we went to brian's for some good noms :9 [[and now this is the part where i make you all drool with food porn pictures! >:D wahahhaaha]]

look delicious right? bc they weeerrrrreeee >:D lol rochelle and i fell back on our favorite dishes with hers being mac&cheese and mine being some form of brinner. [[i am a sucker for brinner. i love eggs :9]]
then afterwards we went to her house and did girly stuff like sew, paint nails and watch the third season of True Blood :] i even got to try out the OPI Shatter nail polish that rochelle got from ebay! :D and lemme tell you, my mind is blown and i now want a bottle of my own! :]
my friends have been actually been planning on an epic summer this year and i'm pretty excited to see how it all goes down :] hang outs with my girls are always fun :3
time turner necklace-border's bookstore
ring-forever 21

o yea! and this is my first post with my new bangs! :] that's partly the reason why i've also been putting off posting/taking photos. sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new hair cut and learn how to style it to make it look presentable :]