Wednesday, March 30, 2011

for a pessimist, i'm pretty optimistic

and so the skating lessons continue...
ugh, i think i'm starting to feel a little sore from today's skating lesson. [[yesterday my feet hurt and aj said it was normal; like how guitarists get calluses from playing. and today my butt kinda hurts [[tmi i know, im sorry haha]] but it's probably from learning how to turn]] =_____=;
but whatever, nothing that's worth having comes easy right? :]
yesterday i had a "skate date" with my friends jan and aj and i finally got to meet jan's new man, jovan ;]
the guys have been teaching us how to skateboard and i was totally showed up by jan yesterday lol. but it was still a lot of fun hanging out and meeting jovan. :]
today though, it was just us three [[aj, jan and i]] and we just skated around the park a bit and learned how to turn. i even had a go on a long board! scary stuff but still pretty fun! :]

jan and i even street luged like kids c[:

yup, it's pretty fun acting tom boyish again and learning a new sport :]
"skateboarding's easy, you just need to learn the basics and get over your fear of falling"

i'm still pretty scared of falling, but that's part of learning so i just have to be optimistic :]besides, i have a lot more things to look forward to after i learn how to master the board >:D

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Monday, March 28, 2011

"do ya got a lil ol house and a lemon tree?"

i just want to let you all know, the anticipation for spring is killing me!!
i can't wait for the weather to start warming up and have it call for dresses, skirts and shorts :] [[i love my skinny jeans and all, but sometime yo legs just gotta be free!]]
but for now i'm just gonna have to work with transitioning :/ working in spring/summer pieces with semi winter clothes... :sigh: o well, the time will come soon rosslyn! just need to be patient...

i felt so flower child-y laying/sitting down in the grass in my cousins' backyard trying to get some good shots in. i also felt a little bit like belle from beauty&the beast where she's chillin in a dandelion field. only im surrounded by grass...haha

i always look forward to this time of year whenever green starts to show. despite the fact that a lot of them that i'm around are weeds =___=; but whatever. green is green :] and i always make a point of having some kind of excuse to go outside and just hang out in my cousins' yard or in mine.
i've been pent up inside pretty much the whole winter! how can you blame me for wanting to get my nature fix? ;]

o yea, and it was my cousin Eliza's "golden birthday" yesterday so her sister and her kids came down to celebrate. and every time i want to take outfit shots at their house and the "babies" [[i have a lot of nieces and nephews and i call these ones "the babies" :3 ]] are there, my nephew tristan [[3yrs]] always insists on being my little photo assistant and likes to carry my tripod :]

he and his sister isabella are actually big hams in front of a camera and she too is also a part of my "mini photo entourage" lol

these kids are awesome and are actually pretty good at taking digital photos [[kids these days...]] and posing. guess it runs in the family ;] haha jk.
but yea, spring needs to be more like "I'M HEREEEE!!! BASK IN MY NATURE-Y GOODNESS!! XD" till then i'm gonna try and tolerate the cold [[it was 60 degrees today. yea i know, im a whimp. i've been spoiled by SoCal weather lol]] and don my shorts/skirts how and when i please! >:D...but then i'd probably have a change of pants in my car just in case. lol :]

what're you looking forward to this spring? :D

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pursuit of happiness


my early birthday present for my friend aj: my new cruiser skateboard! [[that i have named crush ;) ]]
i think i can pretty much say that i'm in love :] i've always secretly wanted to learn how to skateboard and have one to call my own and last wednesday i finally have one [[complete with skating lessons from aj]]
it was [[i guess]] custom built for me and my n00b ass and it's pretty spectacular :]
[[i was like "ahh!!" when i found out i was getting one :] haha]]
i officially started lessons yesterday after school in front of my cousin's house. i learned how to balance, turn and push off.
as you can see, i'm still learning by way of baby steps but i did manage to skate on it a couple of feet xD
up until now my mom didn't know about crush and i didn't really want her to find out because, like all mothers, she's concerned about me falling on my ass and possibly breaking something :sigh:
but luckily i'm old enough for her to not tell me "no! because i said so!" or something along those lines...
either way, i think i would've gone on and learned how to skate anyways because, well, if you want something, why not go get it? :]

i'm not sure if a lot of you know, or if i had already mentioned it in my last post [[i forget :/]] but I GOT WIFI AT MY HOUSEEEE!!! finally...
but it's weird, i thought i'd be posting up a lot more but i guess i've just been too busy with school.
like i know last semester i felt like i had more time to play around with my outfits and experiment with my style but this semester, i feel like it's just not so much and good wifi was hard to come by at school :/
i've mostly been living in my jeggings and shorts since i have more p.e. classes now. so i usually come to school dressed in work out gear. [[ugh, not my favorite thing to show up to school in /)_____=; but at i found it to be an interesting fashion challenge ;] more on that next time]]
so i've mostly been wearing your basic jeans+tee look :/ i don't usually like to post those outfits up since they seem kinda plain and mundane [[heh, i rhymed...]] and i don't really think that they're all that blog worthy :/ but i thought, "hey, wth, why not? i seem to be getting better at this casual dressing kinda thing ;]"
aaand not to be cocky or anything, but i thought i looked pretty cute today ;] lol

after yesterday's lesson i kinda learned about skate shoes and to be honest, i haven't really worn tennis shoes or anything like those since high school and i've never really worn them by choice since then. [[it's been just me and my flats x3 ]] but since aj told me wearing proper skating shoes are important, i guess i can make an exception ;] since, y'know, they help with grip and make sure you don't fall and make a face like this on the way down:

haha i jumped on my board and it started to roll away and i got a little bit freaked out c[:
btw, did you guys ever sit on a skateboard and ride it downhill like a bobsled? it's pretty fun and a lil bit reckless. i used to do it a lot with my cousins when i was a lot younger

i'd go down the hill that my cul-de-sac is in, buuuut i'd rather not die. haha it's pretty steep. but i'm pretty content just chillin on my board :]

even my dog frisco was checkin it out ;] im kinda hoping that he'll take to it and start skateboarding too like that bulldog on youtube :] but i don't really see that happening haha

either way, i'm still really happy that i have a skateboard to call my own and that i finally get to learn how to ride it :3
truthfully i was a little worried that i would be the only one of my friends who skateboarded and that i'd just be doing it on my own but i'm glad to say that i've already gotten offers to do skating with some of them so this also makes me happy :]
and hey, maybe crush'll help me come out of my awkward turtle shell and break the ice to make new friends! :D that's always welcomed!
so i'm pretty excited for what the future holds behind this new door that has opened :]

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what ever happened?

last wednesday i had another job interview at the tea pavillion at balboa park where my friend aj works. i had applied there last year before winter break but unfortunately i didn't get the job because my hours were not the greatest :/
however this time they were looking for weekend workers, which i thought i was totally perfect for, so i applied again. i'm pretty much crossing my fingers and really hoping to get the job [[momma needs to move outta her parents' house ><]] anyhoo, that day was not one of my greatest since i've been stressing out over my hip hop class :/ [[some of the moves are getting a lot more complicated!]] and midterms should be coming up pretty soon. i felt pretty frustrated with getting some of the steps wrong and getting a bit frazzled but going to balboa park afterwards and having a mini photo shoot did kinda lift my spirits :] it's nice that i can find solace and a creative outlet in the form of putting outfits together. i'm not sure if that would sound superficial but i enjoy it and since i don't usually craft or draw as often as i used to, it's nice to think artistically and challenge that part of my brain. it's like a professor layton puzzle only with clothes! and there's really no right or wrong answers ;]

this was my interview outfit for the tea pavillion. jeans+t shirt+blazer. yea, i know, a t-shirt and jeans are probably not the best thing to wear for an interview but my last class was hip-hop and i have to pack light [[carrying around two bags all day is not the business 'kay?]] and i would've worn a skirt and all that typical stuff, but i kinda felt like comfort was key and as long as i looked put together [[ahem, blazer. lol]]i figured i'd be ok. ...right?
after my interview i had a lot of time to kill for aj to get off work since i was his ride home and balboa is pretty much a photographers' paradise :]
[[forreal, people are always taking pictures at balboa park and it's one of the choice places in SD to take pictures/portraits or your standard tourist shots. even when i was taking photos at the organ theater there was a newly engaged couple having their portraits taken there.]]

i did a lot of messing around on the metal benches as well to sophia coppola's marie antoinette soundtrack to try and lift my spirits.

i also tried my hand at jumping pictures, but they are just not my forte /)____=
i always ended up w weird looking faces :/

anyhoo, here's hoping i get the job :]

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