Wednesday, September 8, 2010


ok, so since the 8th grade i've always wanted to wear glasses. [[well maybe even before the 8th grade too i don't really remember]] i've tried to mess with my vision by reading books close, in the car, at night with poor lighting, watch t.v. really close, wearing my friends' glasses, etc. but all that really gave me are chronic eyebags from reading at night [[i'm a bit of a bookworm]] and headaches.

my vision is still pretty good given that i have catarachs [[sp?]] from having to take medicine when i was younger but i've still tried to at least, get myself to need reading glasses or something.

now i've kind of given up on trying to mess up my vision and i just stick to fake glasses :] hehehe. i think i discovered them around jr or sophmore year of high school and i wore them when i could

[[me a couple of years ago with fake glasses i got at hot topic]]

[[me dork-i-ly modeling with the new lipstain i bought when this picture was taken. these pair of glasses are d.i.y. from a pair of 3d glasses that i forgot to return at the movie theatre. they're pretty much a frequent accessory whenever i take outfit shots c[: ]]

and you know how there are bag and shoe ladies? i'm a bit of a sun/glasses kind of lady. i've been through a lot of different sunglasses in my life and a lot of different styles.

the last two styles that i've been into lately are the ray ban looking sunglasses. [[i think they're called way fayers? if anybody knows feel free to correct me]]

[[sunglasses that i bought at my school for pretty cheap i think]]

i loved these sunglasses. i wore them with absolutely almost everything. they just seemed very classic and of course very california cool B] i actually went through three of these cuz i loved them all pretty much to death. haha

i'm also trying to go out of my box/comfort zone lately by challenging myself with pieces i've never owned before and one of them happens to be my new mickey mouse looking lady gaga glasses.

.[[paparrazzi glasses i bought at hot topic this past weekend]]

i find these pretty difficult for me to wear cuz i've never really had glasses this huge before and they totally make me look like a bug from willy wonka's chocolate factory unless i flip open the lenses. regardless, i still love them and i'm determined to make them my own >:]

but hey, at least they're super dark when the lenses are shut and perfect for protecting my eyes in this harsh southern california sunlight :]

i'm pretty sure that these wont be the last pair of sunglasses that i'll buy and i know that my love affair with glasses wont end anytime soon :]

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  1. You are absolutely gorgeous. Had to start off with that!

    I'm obsessed with glasses as well-- though I don't wear them either. I used to buy loads and loads of the fake ones from Claire's or Hot Topic, but they're a bit pricey.

    This is Amber Rose from the possible clothing swap, by the way! I wanted to pop by your blog and get a better sense as to who you were!

    Hope you're having an incredible weekend!