Monday, October 25, 2010

the girl knew how to chop and change

-"chop and change"-the black keys

yea, i tried not to go down the cheesy route and not title this blog with something that had to do with tigers. believe me, i wanted to say something tony the tigerish or something like "eye of the tiger" but i figure those are used quite a bit too much.

so anyways i wore this to church last night tho in retrospect, i figure that this outfit might've been a bit too flashy to wear to mass. haha [[but don't worry, i wore black tights to cover up and make it less...mmm, well i do have a big tiger face on my dress so anything i do to it it'll still be attention grabbing lol.]]

i'm actually pretty glad that my aunt approved of my outfit since she's pretty conservative herself and indirectly approved it as appropriate for church. haha
i like having any occasion to dress up and church is one of them. :] though i know i go there for worship but hey, i like looking nice. :]

anyhoo, the sleeves are kind of funny to me cuz if it were not belted, you could see that they kind of go all the way dowwnnn to the hem and i look like a flying squirrel .___. haha [[i actually had a picture of me acting a fool pretending to be a flying squirrel but it was just too embarrassing to keep haha]]
also, to tell you the truth, i can't remember if i've ever worn animal print before this item of clothing since my view of animal print was mangled by women in my neck of woods wearing them in horrendous fashions. blah, i still shudder at the memory. >_____<

but anyways, the past is the past and i'm pretty excited to see the new challenges this garment will present and who knows? maybe this item will be like a stepping stone for me into the world of animal prints :] cheers to the future ;]

[[tiger dress-gift from relative, belt-part of f21 dress, tights-target, nomi heels-christmas gift]]

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