Monday, October 18, 2010

the reeling

i think ever since i've found the fashion/styling blogging community i've grown style wise and have learned lots from fellow bloggers and one of the most important things i've learned to do is to make better use of my closet and what i've already got inside :]

it's challenged me to think of new ways to wear certain things and to step out of the box and my comfort zone.

granted sometimes it does take me a bit longer to think of a whole new outfit that i haven't tried before if i really want to be creative but sometimes if i hit the right note, i come out with a winner and feel pretty damn cool the rest of the day. haha

anyways, this past week i've lost/misplaced my beloved digital camera so i've been taking outfit shots with my cell phone lately. [[cellphones can do almost anything these days!]] so it looked kinda silly propping up my cell phone on my tripod to document my closet findings while getting ready to go somewhere or other so i hope you guys don't mind c[;

[[blazer-cotton on, stripped top-rodarte for target, jeans-bullhead pacsun, nomi heels]]

was cleaning my room sunday and putting away the piles of unfolded clothes that had accumulated the past week and since i'm a bit short on hangers everytime i put away my clothes, some of my items tend to share hangers. [[it's actually given me plenty of ideas on outfits so that never hurts either c[: ]] and this is pretty much where i got the idea for the blazer+top combo.

i absolutely love electric blue. it's a cool color which i tend to gravitate to the most but at the same time it's as bright as any warm color without being overwhelming.

this particular blazer though was kind of a spontaneous buy though because 1)as i've mentioned before, i love electric blue 2)i was a tad desperate for a blazer hahaha. then when i got it home i had some trouble as how to wear it. it kind of reminded me a bit of glam rock and maybe david bowie but then again, i had just watched labyrinth not to long ago before buying the blazer lol.

but when i paired the stripped top with it, i kind of had a "duh!" moment. a stripped top to me feels just as versitile as a white tee shirt and can be paired with pretty much anything so i'm glad the weather has been getting cold enough for me to rock it and for it to inspire me once more :]

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