Tuesday, September 6, 2011

knock knock

so i know i haven't been updating like i should have but seriously, this past month has been totally busy what with me moving out of my parents' house and school starting. it's all been a bit of a blur some of the time and i haven't really had time to take outfit shots.
but anyhoo, i have some photos from the last few weeks of my summer for you guys anyways :] [[those of you who are kind of enough to read my blog :D]]

so a couple of weeks ago i went up to LA for a family reunion on my mom's side and it pretty much ran like any other reunion. you know, eating a bunch of good semi-home cooked food, relatives saying "aww you're so big now! do you have a boyfriend?", etc.
then once me and my cousins get bored we head over to the near by park to hang out for an hour or two :]

[[yea...this is where i get the crazy from lol]]

i've actually worn this outfit several times since it's pretty easy to put together and despite the southern california heat, this dress actually kept me pretty cool :] though in retrospect, probably shouldn't have worn heels to the park. [[i couldn't walk very far the next day -_____-;]]
later on that day i also had another reunion only on my biological dad's side where i actually got to meet all of my siblings! which is a pretty big deal since this is the first time we've all pretty much been together under one roof. [[with the exception of one of my brothers who couldn't make it but other than that, we were all together :D]]

i haven't seen my brothers since i was 13 and i haven't met my eldest sister irene til that day and it was pretty funny how long we hugged when we finally met each other. everybody was all, "uhhh any day now you guys..." lol
and i got to meet all my nephews and nieces which was pretty crazy how many there were! but it was still pretty awesome since they all seemed to like me and i love me some little kids to chill with ;]
i dunno, that day was just very hallmark-y and i'm pretty glad that it all happened :]

dress-forever 21
shoes-steve madden

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