Saturday, September 17, 2011

the little things

hey guysss guess what?
so i've been exploring a bit more around my new home since i've moved out and i've actually discovered two places near by that i think i'll be frequenting during my stay up here.
one of them being the library. which is pretty awesome that it's close by and i think has a pretty good selection of books and they also have a duck pond right across the parking lot. and get this: they sell duck food! my inner child is pretty psyched about this cuz, c'mon, it's fun to feed ducks :]
the other place being miramar lake where you can go fishing, boating, hiking and other lake things. [[well except swimming but i think the reasons are pretty legit]].
i drove around the little parking lot bit of the lake and i found this set of stairs that lead down to the water [[for fishing perhaps?]] and i thought right then and there that i'd go to lake miramar for all, if not most of my photos for my blog.

i went there around 10am yesterday hoping i'd get some nice morning light [[maybe since it was already 10]] but nope. cloudy and overcast :p
but despite that, i thought it was a pretty nice day and it was a bit chilly in a way where it makes you think that colder days are right around the corner. for the most part there weren't really a lot of people at the lake when i went but a couple still passed by me while i was taking pictures. [[those pesky hikers...]] *slightly awkward*
also after the picture taking i skated a bit around the lake [[which is about 5 miles around]] and i've got to say, it was actually nice and pretty peaceful :] i'd pass a couple of joggers here and there but it was mostly just me, a nice view of the lake and a couple of bluejays here and there.
unfortunately i didn't go around the whole lake. when i came to a sign that said something like, "big decline and sharp turn ahead--caution" i was just like, "nuh uh. noo buddy i don't wanna die" lol
anyways, i'm thinking lake miramar is gonna be a place i'm gonna be going to a lot for pictures and for down time to think. [[always wanted one of those]] i think a little piece of nature near by is just what i needed :]
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