Thursday, January 20, 2011

"i got 99 problems but this dress aint one!"

ok, so talking about christmas presents this late into the year is...well late, but my friends and i had a little christmas gift exchange two weeks ago

and my friend charlene [[second from left]] gave me this really cute purple stripped knit dress :]
at first i had a little trouble figuring out how to wear it but last night inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks and i realized how versitile it really was. [[and how comfy :3 ]] and i did a little remix of it! :D

sooo i tried to style it for something like work/office, though i'm not sure body con mini dresses are appropriate for work but hey, i thought it'd be cute no? :]
then! i threw on my trusty leather jacket and heels and to be honest, to quote ke$ha i felt "hot and dangerous" bahahahaha xD c'mon, leather jacket+hot dress+killer heels+studs! how can one not feel "sick and sexified"? lol [[ok enough lame ke$ha jokes on my part haha]]

of course, how can i not pair it with my favorite skirt?? the outfit just seemed so comfy [[well, except for the heels :/ i still have yet to get used to walking in heels]] and fun and all the colors, textures and patterns just seemed so cute and fun i had to play my k-pop playlist. especially "gee"-girl's generation [[check it out on youtube and fall in love with it nao!!]] i had to try hard to not dance while the timer on my camera was going off cuz i have yet to master an action shot and make it look good, but believe me, i was "getting my gee on" ;]
and lastly, i tied it up and wore it like a blouse

yea, tying up tops that were big on you to make them more fitted was,i felt, something that was popular in my high school but i don't really think i'd do this outside of the house or gym to my regular clothes. doing it to this dress kinda gave me a little bunny tail as you can see, but you have to admit, it'd be cute as a top as well ;]
anyhoo, stripes in general are really versitile anyways. it's like a wardrobe necessity in my eyes and a timeless classic as well that can pretty much go with everything.
so thanks again charlene for the bomb dress! :D

dress-gift from charlene
leather jacket-hawke&co.
purple booties-ross
skirt-cotton on
vamprire teeth necklace-vintage


  1. I really really love this- what a fabulous dress!!
    I really like it with the trousers too :]]
    oh and I'm 20 and still can't cope in heels for longer than a couple of hours!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. This is a great dress. So versatile and the color is amazing!