Monday, January 10, 2011

satellite heart

"i'm a satellite heart, lost in the dark/ ive spun out so far/ you stop i start/ but i'll be true to you"-satellite heart by anya marina

a long time ago i saw a beautiful painting of Ophelia from Hamlet done by John Everett Millais

and i've always kind of been inspired by it and thought it would be cool if i ever had the chance to do a photo like this.
i've seen photos of people trying their hand at it and last week inspiration kinda hit when my mom was watering our indoor the bathtub...
like this! :D :

we have one of those detachable showerhead things and she uses it as a hose to water all the plants and i thought, "o this'll be cool to use for that ophelia photo i've been wanting to take" only instead of water, i'd be "drowning" in plants.
i dunno, much more floral and i thought i'd be pretty cool.
but jeez, was it hard to do! i couldn't fit in with all the plants and laydown all within 10 seconds [[self timer]] plus i had no photographer to help me so my trusty tripod was there the whole way :]
so was in my bathtub...not the best amount of room but, hey, gotta work with whatcha got ;]

also, after a couple of failed attempts of trying to lie down in my bathtub w the plants i just decided to do away with them all [[ who needs 'em? *humph* >:]]

and also, you can obviously see i moved on to trying to use fabric to symbolize/replace water.
i could've very well used water and just have it like that, but i didn't really want to fill up my bathtub and i thought it would be a waste of water :/ also i think i would've been terrified if i had somehow gotten my camera wet somewhere during the shoot. [[no photographer -,-]]
does using fabric in this way make me cheesey? i think so. just a little bit. haha but again, gotta work with what i have :]

i tried to do something like this too with my fabric but alas, it wasn't as sheer. so i kinda...just draped it on my head. haha kinda wish it moved more like water but eh, whattaya gonna do? -,-
i'd like to try this again [[with help]] but for now, i hope you guys enjoy :]

dress-from pacsun
necklace-christmas gift from jan :]
sarong-my mom's

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  1. You can try playing around photoshop! Like edit in a few more plants and things. (:

    If you don't mind, do you think I can try to mess around photoshop with your pictures?

    I probably sound like a creeper. /)_-

    - Kasey Cleveland