Wednesday, January 26, 2011

embers and envelopes

i've been meaning to do a "my photographers" blog for a while now and now that i finally got some photos with one of my camera shy photographers i thought i might as well do one now! :]

my cousin yvanna here takes a lot of my other photos when i'm too lazy to do them at home or when we're out and about and i don't have my tripod. [[in which case she plays the human tripod lol]] she'll sometimes give me ideas on how to pose for pictures or if something looks off or stupid when i'm editing my photos for my blogs. and i rely on her to tell me the truth cuz, c'mon, i don't wanna look stupid in my pictures! [[unless i want to and the pictures are funny c[: ]]

[[ok, well truthfully, this shot was taken by my cousin's friend rustin but unfortunately he's not pictured :/ he had to go home in the middle of the "shoot"]]

and that is one of my lovely photographers :] [[whom i work to death lol jk]]

p.s. we kinda matched that day [[white t+jeans]] so she went and got brown heels to match my wedges and she borrowed my scarf too. haha
we hang around so much sometimes our styles rub off on each other and tend to have the same outfit on every once in a while c[:
idk, i like to think i'm a positive style influence on her x] i've even gotten her into wearing tights so thats pretty cool eh? ;]

t shirt-hane's men's
wedges-steve madden
scarf-borrowed from my mom

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