Wednesday, February 9, 2011

paw prints

i dunno if you guys have noticed or if i'm just being totally obvious about it, but i love my dogs :3
they're my babies and my best four legged friends.
so last week when i got home early i noticed that my dog zorro had his sailor shirt put on him and an idea for an outfit popped into my head based on him!
[[yes, i know, i'm a total dog lady but bear with me here]]
unfortunately i lack a standard t-shirt with a skull on it but i think i did pretty ok :]
i even put on a mask like him and my brown boots for his brown legs :]

heh heh, i even put my scarf on him :3

i have another dog too and i should probably include him in more stuff but he's so squirmy and zorro is kind of an attention hog =_____=;

o well, perhaps the next time i decided to dress up for fun ill do one for him :]

top-rodarte for target
pocketwatch necklace-gift
boots-steve madden
mask-party city
dog shirt-ross

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