Thursday, February 24, 2011

evident utensil

soo, i've had a journal since...mmm idunno, ever? i remember my first one being a minnie mouse one with a puffy cover and a lame ass lock haha
i didn't usually write in it a lot as a child until, i'd say oh, about middle school?
i'd write about you know your standard 12-14 year old stuff. boys, stupid drama, blah blah blah. then later on about having to inflammatory bowel disease and going to the hospital and the trials of growing up and becoming a teen.
then when i was around 15 my cousin Eliza i got a journal from borders that had half of it's pages lined and the other half blank.
i also used to draw a lot when i was a teenager [[not very well, but eh, whatever]] and i used to doodle in my journal either for fun or to accompany whatever it was i journaling about.
i don't really write in it that much anymore since now i have a lot more people to open up to and plus i also have technology c[: but it's nice to go back and write down your thoughts and i also kind of have this thing where i can give my journals to my daughters and be like, "see! i was just like you when i was your age!" or "see i was 16 before!" "i remember being young! child plz!" lol
i still doodle every now and then [[or during a boring lecture lol]] but not as well :/
anyhoo, these are some of my drawings that were in my journal from around my senior year of high school. enjoy :]

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