Wednesday, February 2, 2011

now put cho hand up!

i think ever since high school i've started wearing necklaces non stop with almost every outfit. [[and i have bomb ass friends and fam who help supply me with cute necklaces :] [[funny thing is, i didn't realize i was a "necklace lady" till one of my friends pointed it out to me]]]]
at first they were kind of like a small security blanket or "talisman" because i'd feel weird when i'm not wearing one and i'd sometimes hold on to them whenever i was nervous or whatever.
now i just feel like an outfit wouldn't be complete without one c[:

but recently i've become rather fixated on rings. my collection is still pretty small in comparison with my necklace collection but my cousin yvanna and i like to trade jewelry back and forth [[we spend so much time together it was only a matter of time till some of my taste in clothes rubbed off on her x3 lol]] so that keeps the spending small and our arsenal big >:]

these here are my personally my own and as you can tell, i love gold. lol silver just looks kinda off on me.
clockwise from top left

a gold colored watch ring that used to belong to my mom. it used to be the pendant of a necklace that her friend gave her but i haven't seen it in years... but i've always loved it as a child and it was one of my favorite pieces of hers and it still is :] [[even though it doesn't work anymore :/]]

gold vintage ring that i bought last summer at the san diego fair. and oooo honey it was love at first bling! :D the booth that was selling them had a very lovely collection on vintage jewelry and other pretty whozits and whatsitz galore but i really thought that there was just no other ones prettier than this one. [[haha i feel like i'm describing "the one"]] and you know what? lucky for me i got it for half off! :D it's one of my favorite pieces that i bought myself and i'm still pretty much in love with it and it's always so fun and pretty to wear :]

gold snake ring that i bought at love diva at the near by mall. unfortunately love diva closed at my mall and this makes me very sad :( they had very unique and cute jewelry/accessories and i was upset to see them go :( but this was one of the things that i bought from there during a sale. i dunno, i kinda like snake rings and i was looking for the kind of snake ring where the snake wraps around your finger but obviously, no such luck -,- but still, it's nice and interesting to see/wear and hey, i know if i ever need to punch somebody [[hopefully in the face, cuz you know, that's some soap opera drama right there and really, who wouldn't wanna do that just once?? lol]] it'll come in great handy because, eh, its pretty big and has a good surface area lol plus it'd leave a very interesting mark >:D

and lastly is my disney's pirates of the carribbean ring! >;D i got it at disneyland when i was 18 when my cousins and I went to celebrate my little neice's birthday at disneyland :] sorry the picture is so blurry though :/ it's a lot smaller than my other rings haha this is the only regular sized ring i own/wear at the moment.
not pictured

my little teapot+tea cup ring :3 this was the last thing i bought at love diva. it's really cute but also pretty big and i have to be extra careful whenever i wear it because since it's not a complete circle it's loose [[even though it was labeled as a size small]] and it can easily fly off my hand and break and/or hit something or some poor person near by if i get too crazy with my spirit fingers lol.
i was actually planning on wearing it to my friend angeli's birthday this year cuz she was planning on having a tea party :] buuut plans changed but i'm still gonna wear it either way x]

finally! i shell ring of my own! :D i'm not sure if i've shown you guys the crazy shell ring yvanna has yet on here but i'm totally in love with hers! anyhoo, her sister, eliza moved to hawaii and she sent us these shell rings [[so now yvan and i have matching rings and can at any moment go "wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!" whenever we choose to wear it at the same time lol]]
i haven't worn this one as often as the others but perhaps i will once the weather becomes warmer and warrants shorts and the like :]
now i'm still on the look out for new and unique rings and i've even starting following ring-addict on tumblr and O.M.G. do they have a plethera of beautiful pictures of beautiful rings! the phrase, "i die" from rachel zoe comes to mind whenever i look at them haha
i've actually been contemplating/wanting this kind of finger armor looking ring that i saw at december nights last year. the first one i saw in real life was totally hard core. it was like one of those rings that go the length of your finger and kinda looks like it has a nail part at the end. it was hard core like, no joke. i was equally excited and intimidated when i tried it on. it literally looked like a piece of armor for your finger. alas i did not buy it T____T [[it was so expensive!]] but i'm sure i would've gotten several comments lol
it kinda looked like this:

only a little more mideval but damn! so awesome x]
is it nerdy of me to think it looks dragon-esque? eh, who cares??
anyways, i digress.
so yup, this is my humble ring collection. hopefully it'll grow in the near future and hopefully ill get one of them armor rings! *fingers crossed* x]
till next post :]

ok, how can i talk about rings and not have this on here?? lol "if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it whoa oh oh whoa oh oh..." x]

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  1. these rings are so cute :]
    i love the watch one the most!