Monday, November 29, 2010

i know what i am

i'm 5'1". that's pretty petite right? i mean, according to ANTM's petite cycle anyone under 5'7" is considered petite but personally i find someone who's 5'5" is pretty tall.
usually my small stature doesn't really faze me or anything like that, except when i have to buy clothes like pants because even when i grab the shortest ones i can find on the shelf, i still end up stepping on the hems =______= [[i could hem them myself but i lack a sewing machine and i'm too lazy to do it lol]]
and it can also be a pain in the ass when i'm too short to reach something on a shelf or the like. but other than those things, it's not really a big deal. i've known other girls my age and older who're shorter than me and i'm pretty used to having most of the people i see be at eye level haha.
but as i've mentioned before, things like pants shopping can sometimes get annoying and a bit discouraging because of my short legs. and not only that, sometimes buying other clothes like jackets, coats, dresses, etc. can be more of a challenge because the proportions can be kinda wonky.
although something that i find that helps for finding clothes "my size" are kids clothes! :D
granted i am wayyy too old to be shopping for things in the kids' section but amongst the hannah montana t shirts and ben 10 pj's are secret little gems that fit like a glove :3
i've been known to wear some of my younger cousins' clothes when i was younger [[and skinnier]] and i actually own a couple of children's clothing items and have worn them out and about.
one of the most recent kid's clothes that i've gotten for myself is this faux leather jacket that i got yesterday at costco :]

it's pretty snuggly and pretty much fits like a glove. the funny thing was though that i just tried on the jacket as kind of a joke because, like i said, i'm petite and i thought, hey, i could probably fit that lol and...i did. or it did. then my mom was kept telling me that it looked good on me and you couldn't really tell that it was for little boys. [[do i know how to rock it or what? ;] haha jk]]

so anyways, like i probably mentioned last post that i got a new camera, i took a little photo adventure at this park that is literally right next to my school. the sun was setting and i thought "o hey, what nice lighting!" ah heh, no. as you can see i've had some trouble with the lighting and getting used to my new camera aaaand i probably should've brought my tripod with me but hey, lesson learned :]

also to tell you guys the truth, i kinda felt like greaser sandy from grease in today's outfit and i was singing "youre the one that i want" in my head much of the day. c[: haha

jacket-hawke and co.

black t shirt- DIY

jeans-bullhead from pacsun

flats-soho lab

typewriter necklace-borrowed from cousin


  1. I am 5'5" but always feel really short. I am technically above average height but I always think I look shorter than I am.
    I have short legs though, which is a total bitch. I can definitely relate on that.
    I always have to buy the short leg in jeans- maybe that's why I hardly ever wear trousers!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. i know right? gah! i've mostly been sticking to shorts skirts and dresses cuz i know i wont step on those hems. lol