Sunday, November 28, 2010

ring around the...turkey lol

blah! not having wifi at home is eternallly insuferable >:p i've tried to do a vlog on my new digi cam for the past couple of days but so far, no bueno -,- it's always a couple of mbs too big.

so anyways, happy thanksgiving guys! :D i've had, what feels like a totally pigged out thanksgiving break. though surprisingly i feel like i haven't eaten that much compared to last year :]
i've spent thanksgiving with the rest of my fam at my cousins house playing just dance 2 adn getting a pretty damn great thanksgiving surprise :]
i was so happy, i've missed her like crazy and her baby bump has just gotten so big! it's pretty exciting :D [[i even got to feel baby sophia kick! it was pretty mind blowing :3]]

[[dress-f21, blazer-ross, heels-present from my aunt]]

my thanksgiving outfit [[sans tights]] that i wore for like, 10 seconds then dressed down in shorts and a t shirt to play just dance 2 haha. hey, i'm champ at that game and i intend to keep my title ;] also as you can see, one of my dogs, frisco decided to make a cameo during my photoshoot. i think he was looking for one of his rawhide bones or maybe he just liked to follow me running back and forth between my tripod and in front of my closet. haha

my t-day break was pretty uneventful till this weekend. it was kind of a mix of crazy. thurs:t-day with dancing and singing and total grubbin
fri:waking up early and going black friday shopping with my cousin yvanna. [[though i've only bought a camera but i've been wanting one for like, ever so i pretty much blew what little cash i had on a new digi cam :] though i'm kind of in need of new clothes -,-]] also afterwards my cousin and i went to the library and checked out some books and kind of nerded out a bit c{:
sat: was planning on going shopping at an outlet mall with my mom but i woke up late then all the fam and friends went to go see my cousin eliza's ultra sound and we all saw baby sophia! she looks just like her momma :] but she was very shy and kept hiding her face with her hands :] gah! can't wait to meet her!

ah what a weekend :]
well hope you guys had a bomb-bastic thanksgiving as well ;] ttyl!

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