Wednesday, November 3, 2010

shootin the moon

hey guys!
sorry for not updating in a week but i'm glad now i kinda have time to blog :]
how was you halloweekend? :]

i felt like mine went by really fast but it was kinda eventful i guess :]
friday i went to my doctors and killed time in between with my mom at the mall that was practically right across teh street from both. grabbed a gyros and omg that is one of the most tasty-est things i've ever eaten! lol kinda sad i didn't take a picture of it but it's making me want to learn how to cook greek food. i'm sure my fam is getting tired of me cooking american and asian food haha.
o yea and i also bought this bad ass vampire teeth necklace at this second hand shop called "whatever" and i pretty much am in love with it :]

wore this outfit to church on halloween and the vamp teeth with i thought was probably a weird thing to wear to a catholic church haha. but anyways at the time when i was putting together an outfit for church i was looking for inspiration from my favorite bloggers adn i found this old[[ish]] picture of orchid grey layer the dynamite dress from modcloth under a grey long sleeve and decided to try my hand at it.
it actually took a lot of trial and error trying to get the proportions of the top and dress to look just right and to not look too puffy in layers. [[gah one of my issues with layering. like i love how it looks on other people it's just sometimes hard for me to pull off and i don't usually layer unless it's really really cold]] but i'm glad that this turned out pretty good :]

also wanna apologize for lack of photos. ^_____^; my mom and i had to hurry up for church which we were late for [[again haha]].
but anyways, i'm glad that i have readers now that check out my blog :D more reason for me to start blogging again right :]

black top-gap
white dress [[worn as skirt]]-f21
black heels-gift from my aunt
studded belt-came from another skirt
vampire teeth necklace-secondhand store

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