Wednesday, December 1, 2010

black sheep come home

"black sheep"-metric

ok, not gonna lie, i totally felt bad ass in my outfit today x]
what with the skulls and stripes and red lip, hell, today i felt like i got it together B] lol
ironically my inspiration was from this really sweet picture in my favorite japanese magazine where this lady was remixing 14 items to make a whole month's worth of outfits

see? she looks totally cute right? but i think when i took it into my own hands the stipes just made me feel a little bit of a rocker c[: well, that and the other scarves i tried on didn't look right with my outfit. but the skull scarf that i hadn't worn in ages felt like it got life breathed back into it again :] [[*british accent* saved it from the clothing pound i did x) ]]

and cousin and i totally went off on the whole "rock and roll" theme... broke out the guitar hero 3 guitar and even a mickey mouse top hat towards the end cuz my cousin yvanna thought i looked like i even made a new playlist on the mp3 feature on my phone called "bad assery" filled with...bad assery songs. mostly rock and a little bit of rap and hip hop :]

had a total blast doing this mini photo shoot with my cousin in her front yard. [[to tell you the truth i like doing photo shoots at her house rather than mine cuz her yards have more foliage :] hehe...]]
was kinda so proud of this crop of photos that i entered it in the chictopia "impress for less" contest! *ahh...! my first chictopia contest...!* though i'm probably not gonna win, it's still exciting to enter one [[since i hardly do due to my lack of a winning streak :/ ]]
wish me luck! :D

shoes-hand me down from my cousin
necklace-love diva
sunglasses-hot topic
guitar hero 3 guitar-borrowed from cousin


  1. You look so badass! I love, love, love that you brought out the guitar hero guitar and mickey had. Yes! :)

  2. You ma'am, are a total badass :)

  3. @amber haha thank you! :D the music+props really got me into it lol
    @designsbymhari thanks :]