Monday, December 27, 2010

rollin with the punches

this is actually how i've been feeling since last thursday :(
plus since school's ended i've also lost my other wifi source :/
anyhoo, not to depress you guys any longer, i've bought some new clothes since break has started! :D more pieces to add and play with!

i finally bought a legit cardigan! this is one of the two that i've purchased [[i haven't really figured out how to wear the other one just yet but don't worry, it'll be up as soon as i'm feeling better]] it's also kinda funny that when i was trying it on with my other clothes, i totally felt like my cousin yvanna bc she wears cardigans almost all the time. i even texted her while i was dressing up saying "yvan, i feel/look like you wearing the cardigan i wore today. lol"

i also bought some more stripes and this lovely stripped sweater which is pretty cozy and cute :] i also tried to do the prada pigtail+glasses thing that i saw a couple of months ago and i think it turned out pretty cute don'tcha think? :]

my pac-sun outfit lol. every year my cousin and i look forward to going to this outlet to stock up on clothes for the rest of the year. for me, it's gap's men's boxers [[the comfiest pj bottoms i have ever had x] plus they're pretty cute and have some nice patterns for men's boxers]] and pacsun jeans. [[their jeans are pretty much the only ones that i like since they look pretty cute on me and their short sizes are the closest that i could find that don't make me look like a kid trying on her older sister's clothes]] o yea, and this also happened to be my Christmas Eve outfit+leather jacket [[of course]]

o yea and new flats! :D i've had to put my blue flats to rest after all these years and it was a sad moment for everyone at home... T____T ok, well jsut me. my mom just grabbed them from my shoe shelf and threw them away. it was pretty sad .___. they shall be missed ;___;

anyhoo, how were your holiday shopping adventures? :]

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  1. absolutely love the pigtails and glasses, and that striped jumper is amazing!!

    Charlotte xxx