Saturday, December 11, 2010

the most wonderful day of the year!

ok! finally gonna post up the pictures from december nights last saturday! :D though i fear it's gonna be kind of like a photo dump since i want to show you everything :]

so december nights is basically this kind of festival that happens in balboa park every december and last for, eh, two nights. this year was my third year going and i went with my friend janel and her friend regine. [[usually i go with my cousins eliza and yvanna but one of them moved to hawaii and the other went the previous day with her family...without me...which is sad cuz we usually have a grand ol time just us two but hey, theres always next year!]]
anyhoo, i look forward to it every year for the free museums, street fashion, all and all the cool booths there selling fantastic treasures [[one booth literally did sell treasures though. like, sunken ship, pirate yada yada treasures. it was pretty awesome and i would've loved to buy some but they were so expensive T^T *sigh* if only i rubber band banks in my]] last year yvanna bought a shell ring that is personally one of my favorites in our combined jewelry arsenal and i regret not buying one of my own.
in the end though i ended up doing a lot of walking around doing cutesy poses with janel and regine around balboa park [[a must do bc that's the thing to do in balboa lol well, that and we're just love taking pictures of ourselves c[: ]]

[[yeaaaa idk who that lady is...she was just there when i took the picture lol]]

[[o the dispairs of being lactose intolerant...]]

[[this is around 5pm i think. still abit early but it gets pretty packed really fast]]

[[i'm sure you guys recognize this! it's the giant fountain infront of the rhuben h fleet center! :D]]

[[a terminator dog whose eye lasers are set to "stun" lol]]

[[me and my friend janel]]

[[janel and regine]]

[[the three of us in this small courtyard behind a fancy schmancy resturant. a lot of ppl actually get married here and it's perfect for such an occasion actually ]]

[[janel: "i'm wishing i'm wishing, for the one i love to find me, to find me, todaaayyy" lol]]

[[one of the things i bought that night :] a ram hat. was really close to buying a panda one but everyone had one of those plus i'm an aries and i really like my sign x] plus i'mn excited to incororate it into my wardrobe this winter ]]

[[at the end of the night :] the end :D]]

phew that was a lot! hope you guys enjoy! :D

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