Wednesday, December 8, 2010

marry you

o my goodness what a busy week! -_____-; my mind is still veering @___@
it feels like it was just yesterday that i last posted! gah!
anyways, i kinda feel like the last couple of weeks have practically been dedicated to the new leather jacket i bought like, what, two weeks ago? i didn't even notice how often i've been wearing it! i just feels so cozy and looks good with almost every outfit i've worn out these past couple of days!

[[look! i'm in my backyard! havent been here in a while...]]
i've been wanting to pair my leather jacket with a girly dress for quite some time now and i finally did last thursday and also my zig zag tights. i've only worn them out twice since i've gotten them forever ago and i've been having a hard time figuring out what to wear them with for the longest time. plus they're a tad on the itchy side so i had to get used to them and ususally that takes some time. but at least they were pretty sufficient in keeping me warm :]
also, idk if you guys notice or not [[usually you can on my chictopia]] i usually take outfit shots in the stairwell next to my asl class on tues and thurs.
i kinda forgot why i didn't do it again last thursday, maybe bc i was talking to someone or didn't have time? idk. anyhoo, i think it was a nice change of pace to take photos in my backyard again. :]

it's also kinda funny that my dogs are more "hammish"? when i'm taking pictures in the backyard instead of in my room. i guess it's cuz they have my comfy bed to lounge on and just prefer to watch me run back in forth between my tripod and photo spot. lol but yea, they were totally running around to me trying to get into the shot but unfortunately i wasn't able to get a decent one of both of them. they're so fidgety! but then again, boys will be boys :/

zorro here on the other hand pretty much prefered to stay with me the whole mini shoot :]
i know people shouldn't really regard their dogs as humans and should treat them first and formost as dogs and i totally try to do that with my dogs, but i still consider them "my boys" or "my babies" :] before i got my license i usually spent a lot of time at home with my dog frisco and he was pretty much my buddy at home [[a bit sad but i swear i have human friends! lol i just couldn't get a ride to see them or go out]] and it's pretty evident that i spend a lot of time with him since i've taught him a bunch of tricks c[:
i was even teaching him to fetch toilet paper from down stairs before i got zorro last year. i personally think that i could've gotten him to do it with more time but since we had a new puppy in the house, zorro's mostly been taking up most of my time -,-.
but anywas, i took photos for a little bit until my mom came home and asked me what i was doing taking pictures of she doesn't read my blog and i don't even really think that she really understands my blogging but she's seen me do it every now and then. ...then i get embarrassed and end my photo shoot then and there lol
ALSO! went to the december nights festival at balboa park this weekend and i'll post up pictures next post! :D [[i'll dress down and try to not to play dress up with my clothes till we're all caught up k? :D]]

faux leather jacket-hawke and co.
dress-forever 21
typewritter necklace-borrowed from cousin
shoes-soho lab
dog-from my mom :]

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  1. My pups are big ol' hams, too!
    And oh my darling-- I love the way you mix patterns and textures. I could really take a page from that lesson. Wishing you well, swissy missy. ;)