Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what ever happened?

last wednesday i had another job interview at the tea pavillion at balboa park where my friend aj works. i had applied there last year before winter break but unfortunately i didn't get the job because my hours were not the greatest :/
however this time they were looking for weekend workers, which i thought i was totally perfect for, so i applied again. i'm pretty much crossing my fingers and really hoping to get the job [[momma needs to move outta her parents' house ><]] anyhoo, that day was not one of my greatest since i've been stressing out over my hip hop class :/ [[some of the moves are getting a lot more complicated!]] and midterms should be coming up pretty soon. i felt pretty frustrated with getting some of the steps wrong and getting a bit frazzled but going to balboa park afterwards and having a mini photo shoot did kinda lift my spirits :] it's nice that i can find solace and a creative outlet in the form of putting outfits together. i'm not sure if that would sound superficial but i enjoy it and since i don't usually craft or draw as often as i used to, it's nice to think artistically and challenge that part of my brain. it's like a professor layton puzzle only with clothes! and there's really no right or wrong answers ;]

this was my interview outfit for the tea pavillion. jeans+t shirt+blazer. yea, i know, a t-shirt and jeans are probably not the best thing to wear for an interview but my last class was hip-hop and i have to pack light [[carrying around two bags all day is not the business 'kay?]] and i would've worn a skirt and all that typical stuff, but i kinda felt like comfort was key and as long as i looked put together [[ahem, blazer. lol]]i figured i'd be ok. ...right?
after my interview i had a lot of time to kill for aj to get off work since i was his ride home and balboa is pretty much a photographers' paradise :]
[[forreal, people are always taking pictures at balboa park and it's one of the choice places in SD to take pictures/portraits or your standard tourist shots. even when i was taking photos at the organ theater there was a newly engaged couple having their portraits taken there.]]

i did a lot of messing around on the metal benches as well to sophia coppola's marie antoinette soundtrack to try and lift my spirits.

i also tried my hand at jumping pictures, but they are just not my forte /)____=
i always ended up w weird looking faces :/

anyhoo, here's hoping i get the job :]

t shirt-whole sale store
necklace-hoover dam gift shop

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