Wednesday, March 30, 2011

for a pessimist, i'm pretty optimistic

and so the skating lessons continue...
ugh, i think i'm starting to feel a little sore from today's skating lesson. [[yesterday my feet hurt and aj said it was normal; like how guitarists get calluses from playing. and today my butt kinda hurts [[tmi i know, im sorry haha]] but it's probably from learning how to turn]] =_____=;
but whatever, nothing that's worth having comes easy right? :]
yesterday i had a "skate date" with my friends jan and aj and i finally got to meet jan's new man, jovan ;]
the guys have been teaching us how to skateboard and i was totally showed up by jan yesterday lol. but it was still a lot of fun hanging out and meeting jovan. :]
today though, it was just us three [[aj, jan and i]] and we just skated around the park a bit and learned how to turn. i even had a go on a long board! scary stuff but still pretty fun! :]

jan and i even street luged like kids c[:

yup, it's pretty fun acting tom boyish again and learning a new sport :]
"skateboarding's easy, you just need to learn the basics and get over your fear of falling"

i'm still pretty scared of falling, but that's part of learning so i just have to be optimistic :]besides, i have a lot more things to look forward to after i learn how to master the board >:D

paramore t shirt- hot topic
friends-daygo >;]

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