Monday, March 28, 2011

"do ya got a lil ol house and a lemon tree?"

i just want to let you all know, the anticipation for spring is killing me!!
i can't wait for the weather to start warming up and have it call for dresses, skirts and shorts :] [[i love my skinny jeans and all, but sometime yo legs just gotta be free!]]
but for now i'm just gonna have to work with transitioning :/ working in spring/summer pieces with semi winter clothes... :sigh: o well, the time will come soon rosslyn! just need to be patient...

i felt so flower child-y laying/sitting down in the grass in my cousins' backyard trying to get some good shots in. i also felt a little bit like belle from beauty&the beast where she's chillin in a dandelion field. only im surrounded by grass...haha

i always look forward to this time of year whenever green starts to show. despite the fact that a lot of them that i'm around are weeds =___=; but whatever. green is green :] and i always make a point of having some kind of excuse to go outside and just hang out in my cousins' yard or in mine.
i've been pent up inside pretty much the whole winter! how can you blame me for wanting to get my nature fix? ;]

o yea, and it was my cousin Eliza's "golden birthday" yesterday so her sister and her kids came down to celebrate. and every time i want to take outfit shots at their house and the "babies" [[i have a lot of nieces and nephews and i call these ones "the babies" :3 ]] are there, my nephew tristan [[3yrs]] always insists on being my little photo assistant and likes to carry my tripod :]

he and his sister isabella are actually big hams in front of a camera and she too is also a part of my "mini photo entourage" lol

these kids are awesome and are actually pretty good at taking digital photos [[kids these days...]] and posing. guess it runs in the family ;] haha jk.
but yea, spring needs to be more like "I'M HEREEEE!!! BASK IN MY NATURE-Y GOODNESS!! XD" till then i'm gonna try and tolerate the cold [[it was 60 degrees today. yea i know, im a whimp. i've been spoiled by SoCal weather lol]] and don my shorts/skirts how and when i please! >:D...but then i'd probably have a change of pants in my car just in case. lol :]

what're you looking forward to this spring? :D

tank top-pacsun
wedges-steve madden
k drama necklace-given to me as a gift

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