Wednesday, July 20, 2011

born and raised in a summer haze

it has been so hot here in southern california that it just makes me a bit uninspired to really dress more than a t-shirt and shorts :p
so naturally that's become my summer uniform.

usually my tee+shorts uniform just looks so blah and unpost worthy [[which is one of the reasons why i haven't really posted much :p]] that i just don't really see the point in taking pictures. well, and also i admit, i've been a bit lazy -_______-
but once in a while i'll try and put more effort in what i wear. hey, you never know where you're gonna go or who you're gonna see so you might as well look your best at least for yourself ;]
also nothing helps with style ruts than some new pieces to play with *ahem* the shoes and the hat. hahaha
i went shopping this past weekend with my mom, my auntie and yvanna and grabbed a few treasures for the new semester [[but that's for another post]]
so on monday the boyfriend and i went to the park together and he helped me take some pictures since it's been a while. we actually walked around the back where all the weeds and bushes grew wild since there was soccer practice going on at the time and i don't really like to pose for pictures with so many people around :p

aj tries so hard to take good pictures for me and every time he plays photographer for me it's always a learning process for the both of us. sometimes its a bit frustrating for the both of us because sometimes i can be a bit picky with pictures cuz of funny faces and cockatoo hair and what not and he just thinks i look beautiful no matter what, which is very sweet of him buuut it's just not what i'm looking for.
le sigh
o well, practice makes perfect yes? :]
boater hat-claire's

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