Wednesday, July 6, 2011

we are always running for the thrill of it

i haven't worn this dress in such a long time. i bought it around my senior year of high school and loved how versatile it was. there are seriously, endless possibilities on how to wear it and only your imagination is the limit :D [[lol now doesn't that sound cheesy?]] plus i also loved the fun print and the fact that it had elephants on it :]
this is actually one of the outfits that i wore/brought with me to the beach for fourth of july. and yes, i did say "one of the outfits i wore" meaning, there were more than one. and no, it's not cuz i'm a diva or anything of the like, it's cuz i'm actually a pretty messy person especially at the beach+little cousins/nieces and nephews running around. but this specific dress i brought just for pictures on le blog~ and i really wanted to take advantage of the lovely scenery at coronado beach and also the sand dunes at this specific part of the beach. it's one of mine and my cousins' favorite places to go play during fourth of july. my cousin yvanna and i actually took a bunch of jumping photos at the dunes and i have to say, she's a lot better at it than i am :p
fourth of july was pretty fun and kinda perfect except for a couple of mishaps [[more on that next post]] but all in all, i'd have to say it was pretty memorable :]
what about you guys? :D


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