Sunday, July 3, 2011

in the business of misery

every once in a while, when it's tested, my temper/sassy side flairs up and "chola" rosslyn comes out. and i'm pretty sure you guys mostly get the impression that i'm a nice, sweet girl and i am! it's just, sometimes i feel like my darker side needs to come out some how to keep me sane i guess.

in case you guys are wondering, [[or if you can even see it]] that is an egg in my hand. i've never egged anyone or anything in my entire life, though, i'll be honest, i've thought about it but i don't think i'd ever go through with it since:
  1. i think it's a waste of food
  2. it's a pain in the ass to wash off [[well duh, rozz that's the point!]]
  3. i'm too much of a good person to ever really go through with it

i was pretty mad when i took these photos, hence the "bitch face", evil grin and tough looking outfit. "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and as much as i'd love to be the kind of woman who puts this saying into action, i just can't. revenge isn't really something that i act upon, though it sure as hell is fun to fantasize about, but i know better then to act on hurt feelings. i'd rather rely on karma. if i don't do anything bad, karma will treat me kindly. but when someone treats me bad, well i just hope that i'm lucky enough to see when they get theirs.

how 'bout you guys? what do you do when someone's wronged you or you get "the mean reds"?

necklace-2nd hand store
sunglasses-2nd hand store
egg-my 'fridge

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