Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hot july ain't good to me

i've noticed i've become a bit of a hermit/shut in these past couple of...weeks going out of my house only to hang out with friends/family or church and i haven't really been out to enjoy the beautiful southern california summers like i promised myself i would this year.
le sigh...
but i'm hoping to go to the beach again one more time hopefully with my friends before school starts. cuz y'know, i already messed up my new years resolution of not getting a tan this year. [[i was doomed from the start i shoulda known :p ]]
anyhoo, i digress. aj and i went to the park this past monday since he had the day off and we had fun hanging out, getting some vietnamese food and skateboarding. [[y'know, the usual couple-y things we always do]]

i haven't skated in what feels like forever and i tried to go skating in my new sandals which, by the way, was a bad idea since it had a bit of wedge to it and balancing just felt weird :/
i also have to get used to riding on crush, my cruiser, if i ever want to use her on campus once school starts. technically, we're not supposed to skateboard, rollerblade, bike or anything on campus but i've seen a lot of fellow classmates skating to and from classes and i've only seen one person get cited for skating on campus since he was stupid enough to do it in front of the campus police station
and as aladdin once said, "you're only in trouble if you get caught" ;)
aj told me that i'm more than welcome to use cheech, his long board, for school but seriously, that thing is almost as tall me and i don't really want to be lugging him around even though it's a lot smoother to ride on than crush :p
aj and i keep going back and forth on the whole crush vs. cheech thing and he keeps going on about how he should've gotten me a longboard instead but it's kinda too late for that since i love my cruiser very much :3 i just keep telling him that i need thicker wheels to go over sidewalk cracks better since, let's face it, no matter how cool and confident you are, it's still embarrassing when you fall and totally eat it in front of a bunch of people >:/
but whatever. whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger eh?
t shirt-hand me down
jeans-bullhead for pacsun
"evil eye" bracelets-mom

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