Friday, April 1, 2011

my lady river

heyyy you remember when i said that i couldn't wait for spring to come to san diego because of all the cold gloomy weather lately? yea, it's here now c[:
beautiful weather and my usually weed-y yard is showing some kind of greenery.
lately it looks like they've starting dispersing their seeds since a small field of little white tufts have showed up in my backyard. and also dandelions :] i love me some dandelions :] and little bits of fluff always spring up after a small gust of wind. they kinda remind me of milkweed when i went to camp a couple of years ago. it actually looks kinda romantic :3 [[in a weird way, considering they're weeds haha]] but whatever, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;]

o yea, and also i'm starting to think my backyard has become a ladybug hotspot. i can't turn one way and not see at least like, 3 lady bugs. it's kinda ridiculous o___o and while normal people would love this, i'm not their biggest fan. haha. i mean, they're cute and everything, i'll admit to that, but i just don't want them on me. lol
but amongst the weeds some flowers still manage to grow [[including myself ;D haha]]

all in all though, i'm glad "spring has sprung" :] that means beautiful weather and beautiful weather=cute dress and skirts! >:D
speaking of which, howdya guys like my skirt? ;] cute right?? it's actually not mine, it's miss amber's from modest june and she and i are wonder twins! >:D
lemme esplain: we met last year via a clothing swap and she realized that we were practically the same size. clothes-wise, shoe-wise and even height-wise! [[hence the name wonder twins. well that and cuz we're wonderful ;D lol]] so after a while, i thought since we're the same size and everything, why not do our own little clothes swap? just us two! and obviously she agreed and thus, WONDER TWINS WAS BORN! >:D
she suggested for our first swap we send each other "surprise outfits" and this cute lil skirt was one of them! :3 [[stay tuned on her blog to see what i sent her ;] ]]
the color is just lovely and i've been wanting to wear more skirts lately and this is just what the doctor ordered ;] [[thanks amber! :D]]
and like always, i'm excited to see what the future holds with this as well :3

skirt-wonder twin swap :]
shoes-hand me downs
necklace-hoover dam gift shop

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  1. Oh Wonder Twin!
    You look beautiful.
    And dandelions are my favorites.