Tuesday, June 28, 2011

stop callin i don't wanna talk anymore

i have got to say, tumblr is such a good way to find inspiration for outfits :]
a couple of weeks ago i found a picture of this little girl in what i think was probably part of some look book. i thought she was too cute and her outfits were pretty awesome. but then again i also thought, "now what kid her age would wear that and what would she be doing?" because she looked really young and should be out playing on a jungle gym but i dunno.
anyhoo, digressing aside, one particular outfit that she had on really stuck out to me and i knew i had to try my hand at it.
so voila! >:D

and i guess my dog frisco got a bit curious as to what i was doing and decided to photo bomb a couple of shots. [[or maybe he's actually just a big ol ham like his mama :)]]
also since frisco was being so friendly and hanging around me while i was taking pictures i kinda regretted not wearing my "frisco inspired" outfit instead.
yea, i have an outfit inspired by my dog... because i am such a dog lady =____=
i had done one like that before with my dog zorro [[ seen here]] and i thought it'd be cool to do one for my other dog frisco.
._______. so yea... on to another topic!

after i had put this outfit together it kinda reminded me of one of the opening scenes to the lady gaga music video "telephone". like where she's being led to her jail cell, but i don't think i really come close to that outfit [[or any of her other ones for that matter]] but still, i couldn't help playing that song while i was taking pictures c[:
trench coat-target

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  1. nice look! love the trench.xx