Monday, May 30, 2011

hearts all over the world tonight

well since i'm still trying to keep my pictures up to date, i should probably keep up with the whole "catch up" thing i've been doing here lately :p
so with that said, last saturday was my cousin April's wedding and it was a very lovely affair :]

she also looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress though unfortunately, i couldn't get a decent picture of the lovely couple and i probably won't get one until my family gets the photos we took in the "photo booth" at the reception

the theme of the wedding was "dream destinations" with little "passport" wedding programs and the tables labeled as different destinations

me and my trusty photographer/cousin yvanna were obviously seated at the vegas table and as yvanna would say "we at vegas cuz we cray-zeee" lol. yea, we thought that at first since we were the first ones at our table, but we were later on proved wrong when my other younger cousins sat down next to us... "o crap! we got the kids table!" hahaha though in my other cousins' defenses, we are all a tad bit "cray cray" in our own way ;]
i loved our center piece -_____- i seriously wanted to take the whole thing home even though they were ridiculously large. but we were only allowed to take the bouquets that were inside home :( i really wanted the branches that were in there too and i probably would've taken them too if they weren't so damn big and it's kinda hard to sneak that out in my bag... lol

om nom nom nom nom :9 haha our dinner was totally yummy :] and the wedding cake as well. [[THE CAKE HAD OREOS IN IT!!! love oreos dude...]]

my cousin's wedding was also the first time i had champagne which seemed pretty cool and sophisticated at the time but that was before i tasted it =_____=; lol it looked pretty and smelled fine but blech! hahaha totally not for me. i wanted to ask one of the servers if i could exchange my champagne for apple cider but didn't because i didn't wanna seem rude :p but i ended up giving it to my auntie cely instead and toasted to the bride and groom with water hahaha
anyhoo, this is what i ended up wearing to the wedding :]

necklace-love diva

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