Wednesday, May 18, 2011

some feelings never seem to let go

i know i've blogged about balboa park a hellavuh lot here and how it's so pretty and awesome for it's architecture and landscaping and it's such a good place to take pictures, but sometimes it's nice to go off the beaten path and find beauty in secret little corners of the park :]

i still pick up aj from his job at the tea shop and i love coming to the park around that time. when everything is starting to close and the tourist flow slows down to a trickle and the lighting is just starting to get good :] y'know, kinda sunset-y but not quite?
anyhoo, he and i were kinda in a rush to get home that day because it was his brother's 18th birthday and since we were already driving out of the park and losing some serious light, i had to convince him to take some "quick 5 min photos" so we pulled into the last parking lot before the main street and took photos near a little side road for service cars.

there were weeds of course and overgrown vines or some sort. i hardly think the groundskeepers pay special attention to the landscapes next to parking lots, but nonetheless, i like seeing a little piece of "wild" growth :p plus, i like this kind of tree. random i know! haha but i like how the roots grow. there's a huge one more into the park on one of the trails and lots of people like to pictures there as well. anyhoo, i digress :p

aj's also been getting pretty good at taking pictures lately :] i'm so proud of him, he actually took the initiative to take pictures from different angles/places without being told and doesn't wait for me to pose and make it super obvious and awkward lol.
he actually took these over the shoulder ones on his own and stupid me, i told him to go back to where he was >< i felt totally bad for smushing his "artistic flow" [[haha sorry, that just sounded totally cheesey]] but i've got to learn to trust him more with taking my pictures and encourage his creative side when it decides to show :]
and he's also taking pictures wherever/whenever he thinks will make a good shot so that's definitely something that i love :D

o yea, and he always manages to encourage me to take silly photos even though i'm trying to act all serious and take "pretty photos" :p

o by the way, i'm a giant dork if you guys didn't know already c[: hahaha

lately i've been listening to a band called donkeyboy that my friend angeli from porcelain party kind of introduced me and my friends to on a mixed cd she gave all of us one year and this song was one of their songs that i really liked on the tracklist :]

dress-forever 21
necklace-francesca's collections

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  1. Adorable look. I love the mix of girly florals mixed with the tough looking jacket.