Friday, May 27, 2011

love in my tummy

sooo about a week ago was me and aj's 6 year anniversary.
o yea, did i tell you guys? he and i used to be boyfriend and girlfriend :p we've broken up about a year ago but for some reason we still ended up hanging out with one another like all the time. [[i guess it's more of a "break" than an actual "break up"]]
i'm not gonna delve too much into it for obvious reasons, but anyways, yes, our anniversary was a week ago and even though we're not "officially" together anymore, we still like to celebrate our anniversary. :] this year we just went out to eat at this AMAZING diner called Brian's American Eatery where they serve delicious american food in generous servings :9 i first went here with my friend rochelle after my first slumber party since i was 11 :p and lemme tell ya, Brian's really hit the spot x9 and i knew aj liked eating "brinner", which is breakfast for dinner, so i suggested this place instead of ihop :p [[*note* i have nothing against ihop! just that we needed a change of pace/scenery every once in a while>< please don't get offended ihop people if you see this!! ><]]

there's actually a lot of variety on the menu in terms of american food and breakfast all day and everything sounded so damn tastey! [[and they are]] and really, there just isn't enough room in my belly to fit them all in one sitting :p haha

apparently, i make weird/funny faces when i'm eating and drinking[[but actually when i think of it, i make funny faces all the time :p]] and aj thought it'd be funny to "pose" like me...
me:what're you doing? you're making all these weird faces
aj:i'm posing like you do whenever i take pictures of you eating.
me:whaaat?? i don't make faces!
aj:yes, you do look back at the photos i took
me: *reviews photos* =_________=; you're right...
pshh this kid... -,-

then our food arrives! :D [[YAYYY!!]] aj got some kind of whole wheat pancakes+eggs over easy+potatoes o'brian

aaand i got a dish called the "laguna scramble" which was eggs+sausage+bell peppers and other tastey things :9 along with potatoes and one of the yummiest biscuits everrr! [[i kid you not. i love honey and this thing was like honey bread it was amazing!]]

aj and i were so hungry that we totally just dug into our meals that i almost forgot to take pictures of them!
i mean, c'mon! lookit the anticipation on my face! [["imma eat chu and you and you and youuu" lol]] and i'm kinda thinking that that's a foodgasm face on the last picture i took of aj hahahha.
and like the total fatties that we are, we ordered a mini apple pie for dessert and split it :] it was actually quite cute and delicious as well. :]

wow ._____. this whole post kinda just seemed like a food blog post c[: haha
well, i didn't really take a good shot of my outfit [[which was totally cute btw ;] cuz that's just how i roll haha]] i might as well catch you guys up on what's been going on :]
o and probably make you guys hungry after this! lol what do you guys feel like eating now? ;]

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