Thursday, May 26, 2011

i am not jasmine i am aladdin

i can't believe how i've let outfit shots pile up on me ._____. it's pretty ridiculous to say the least. :p
i guess ever since summer break started i've just been too busy [[or lazy *ahem*]] to blog and it is kinda shameful >____<
so anyhoo, let us catch up shall we? :] starting with two weeks ago [[winces]]

dang, i haven't worn this dress since thanksgiving! it's been a while and i'm pretty glad that i fit in it a lot better than i did 6 months ago :] [[thank you p.e. classes! :D]]
this is also my first set of self portraits w my trusty tripod since, gosh, feels like forever! i totally envy all the bloggers out there who take self portraits and make it look so good! i just look and feel awkward taking my own pictures sometimes -_______-; i usually have to take a whole lot to find a pretty good one and it sucks :p i would have had my cousin yvanna take my photos but she wasn't invited to the party [[for obvious reasons]] and was thus kicked out of the house to go shopping with her friends.
but yes, i wore this to my cousin's bridal shower two weeks ago and let me just say, it was quite an experience o______o lol i'd post up pictures from the party, but i don't think it'd be appropriate c[: but all in all it was a pretty fun party and i can't wait till somebody else i know gets married! :D hahaha
dress-forever 21
wedges-steve madden
shades-"whatever" 2nd hand store

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