Monday, May 9, 2011

my, my, my you're like pelican fly

holy guac!! i did not even realize how long ago it was since i last updated!! 0_____0
where the hell did the time go??
i guess it's partly because i haven't really been taking pictures lately like i should have and updating this as frequently like i ought to ><
these past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful and busy for me and i couldn't really find time or anyone to take photos for me which kinda sucks :/
though i'm predicting after next week, things might pick up here and i'll probably update more frequently :]
on other matters...
and as you can tell, i'm pretty excited :] though it'll be sad that i won't have my dance and aerobics class to look forward to anymore :/ eh, there's always the gym but really, i'm gonna miss learning new moves and having a good excuse to just dance. <3 it's by far one of my favorite classes that i've taken this year and i will undoubtedly take it again hopefully with one of my best friends next semester :]
speaking of which, i kinda feel like having a hip hop class has definitely influenced my style espcially in terms of "work out gear" or "play clothes" haha

and also as i've mentioned before, probably like, a bajillion times, the whole tomboy/skate thing is def showing up in how i dress now. the past couple of days though i've been feeling/dressing as how my friends and cousins would call "chola" [[since i'm half mexican]] ever since i've found my hoop earrings.
it's kinda funny how one pair of earrings can make me look more one ethnicity than another o____o but i guess that's the power of a good accessory :]
i also find it kinda funny that whenever i pick up my cousin yvanna from school, her friends always think i look chola and tough which is odd since for the most part i'm pretty harmless ;] but today i definitely felt pretty tough/cool what with the come back of my hoops, trusty leather jacket and wayfayers :] o yea, and i happened to be wearing all black lol. nothing says "tough" like all black ;D haha jk

i'm so happy that i finally got me a new pair of wayfayers :] i used to wear them all the time when i first started college and i thought [[and still do]] they were so cool and stylish and very "california". aside from big ass sunglasses that i usually wear [[*ahem* gaga glasses]], these would definitely be my favorite kind of shades B] i'd wear them with almost everything and they're kinda like the cream in my coffee [[if i drank coffee .___.]] or the comfy tee in my closet. i dunno, but i'm hoping you guys get the picture c[:

o yea, and i also happened to be reppin' my filipino side a bit this afternoon with my halo-halo shirt. halo-halo (pronounced: hah-loh hah-loh) is a filipino dessert with some kind of sweet beans, shaved ice, evaporated milk and other things topped with a scoop of ice cream, usually ube (oo-bay) flavored. i've tried it a couple of times as a child before i became lactose intolerant but i was never really that fond of it :/ but it's a popular dessert and i've heard it's pretty yummy but like i said, i'm just not into it but its still pretty to look at whenever my relatives order it.
but anyhoo... it's weird how much i've changed since high school and throughout college and it's pretty crazy how time has been flying lately. so many changes in people and things it's interesting to watch even with yourself. see your opinions and tastes and friends change, i find it rather fascinating. kinda makes you wonder where everything will be one year from now... :]
as for me, it makes me kinda excited to want to learn and experience more and more but since it's the future i'm still a little bit scared/worried but right now i'm just trying to make it through finals and just living and enjoying the here and now :]
leather jacket-hawke&co.
tee shirt-filipino festival
wayfayers-"whatever" 2nd hand store
hoop earrings-clarie's

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