Tuesday, May 31, 2011

get your leather on

i was looking through my old pictures that are saved up on my laptop and on my chictopia account and on here as well and its pretty obvious to me how much i love my leather jacket that i got last year.
i pretty much wear it all the time and with almost anything, if the weather allows me to that is, and i have to say, it's a pretty good investment :] [[and such a steal too! $20?? thank you costco ;D]]
so i thought since i have so many pictures of it on, that it's about time i do a remix post of it right? plus i haven't really done one in a very long time so this should be fun :]

okay, so i just noticed that there are only 10 pictures of me in my leather jacket, but trust me, i wear it everywhere. and with warmer weather making it's appearance here in sunny southern california, i'm gonna have to start saying good-bye to my favorite jacket and start mixing it up a little :p my other outerwear items need their time in the sun too! ;]

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