Monday, June 20, 2011

life and love are the same

o my goodness! why do i feel like i've had such a busy two weeks?? i even find myself not remembering whole days .___. or maybe that's just a combo of summer haze+busy-ness+my typical forgetfulness :p
for the most part i've been running errands most days and every other day i'll have some kind of even popping up. [[and when i say "event" i mean, "something other than errand running :p]] like hang outs with my girls, a high school graduation or two, or hanging out with the cousins/aj.
my cousin Eliza [[i call her "ate liza" [[pronounced "ah-teh" which means "older sister" in filipino]]]] and her busband BJ came down from hawaii with their baby daughter Sophia not too long ago. [[she and the baby came down june 1 and bj came down last wednesday night]] and it's been pretty awesome having them back down here at home :] we haven't seen them since last thanksgiving and after having bj come back last week, well, it just felt like the whole gang was back together again :]

also bringing a happy bouncing baby like sophia is pretty damn awesome too :] i'm getting my "baby fix" every other day in the form of this little girl and of course my neice izzy and her brothers ethan and tristan :]
anyhoo, i was just looking through all the pictures i've taken since last post's a loooot ;____; and i don't want this to be a photo dump kind of post so i'm gonna try and post everyday to catch y'all up since my mornings during the weekday are pretty chill :p
so, see you guys next post :]

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