Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's all the glory that i bare

short post up today i'm afraid :/
i haven't really been taking outfit photos lately since both of my main photographers [[aj and my cousin yvanna]] have both been busy with work and school and i've been hesitant to take photos with my tripod. which is kinda weird since i've used my trusty 'pod since the very beginning but i've just gotten so used to having someone take my photo :p
anyhoo, i cracked and thought i'd document what i wore last night on my mini "girl date" with my friend rochelle :]

actually threw this together super last minute but i've also had this top hanging out on my wall with a beanie for a photo shoot i've been meaning to do for a couple of days but you know how this goes. running out the door>grab what you can and hope you don't look stupid. i even managed to grab some jewelry! :D again, these were the closest to me so i'm just glad it all came together :]
i actually rocked my nerd-ette side with my time turner necklace :]
as you can tell, i love harry potter and i'm pretty stoked for the last movie :3 i'm hoping that i score some early release movie tickets like i did for the last one. that'd be pretty awesome right?? :D
but yea, i had a mini "girl date" with rochelle and we went to brian's for some good noms :9 [[and now this is the part where i make you all drool with food porn pictures! >:D wahahhaaha]]

look delicious right? bc they weeerrrrreeee >:D lol rochelle and i fell back on our favorite dishes with hers being mac&cheese and mine being some form of brinner. [[i am a sucker for brinner. i love eggs :9]]
then afterwards we went to her house and did girly stuff like sew, paint nails and watch the third season of True Blood :] i even got to try out the OPI Shatter nail polish that rochelle got from ebay! :D and lemme tell you, my mind is blown and i now want a bottle of my own! :]
my friends have been actually been planning on an epic summer this year and i'm pretty excited to see how it all goes down :] hang outs with my girls are always fun :3
time turner necklace-border's bookstore
ring-forever 21

o yea! and this is my first post with my new bangs! :] that's partly the reason why i've also been putting off posting/taking photos. sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new hair cut and learn how to style it to make it look presentable :]

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