Thursday, June 23, 2011

sweet pea

yup, it's another post guest starring my niece izzy :] i've been wanting to do a post where we're kinda matching and this particular day we actually kinda were! :D [[this was actually right after my cousin's graduation dinner from the previous post. i woulda put these pictures up then but then it would've turned into a realllly long post :p]]

she surprisingly enjoys helping and taking pictures with her auntie. okay, that last one i'm not too surprised at because sometimes when she comes down to visit and i'm there, she asks me if we're gonna take pictures lol. but when this was going on and i was telling her that we were gonna start taking pictures, she was playing tag or hide and go seek with her other little cousins but when she heard me, she ran straight to her mom if she could go outside with me and yvanna to take pictures. c[: she's a cutie. and when her cousins came outside to see what she was leaving them for, they asked her, "why are you taking pictures for?" and she replied "cuz i like to :]" x] ugh! this girl! too precious!

though i might have to teach her different smiles because sometimes she makes awkward ones like me lol. hell, even when i was her age i awkward smiled a lot. [[i've been told i "smile like mickey mouse" and if you put a picture of me with that smile and one of mickey mouse, you'd totally know what i was talking about hahaha]]

but regardless, she has quite the smile when you get her to laugh especially now since her two front teeth are gone xD she actually likes to show it off and show me how her new "big girl" teeth are peeking out little by little :]

wedges-steve madden

*unfortunately i forgot to ask izzy's mom [[my cousin michelle]] where she got izzy's adorable outfit =____= sorry guys!

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  1. She is such a sweet pea! <3

    I always smile when I remember why you chose your blog name. ;)