Sunday, June 12, 2011

you'll get much more than you bargained for

oh! what! hey! another wonder twin post! :D
yup, since i've been unearthing my skirt/dress collection for summer i thought i'd take another wack at the skirt amber from modest june with some cropped tops that i bought with my friends a while ago.
i've also noticed that whenever i wear this skirt i always end up pairing it with either a black or striped top but since those are usually my favorite things to wear, can you really blame me? c[:i was actually looking around the internet [[especially tumblr]] for outfit inspirations and i found a lovely photo of a gal in a pink maxi skirt with a striped top and tried to replicate it in my own way buuuuut...let's just say that that ended up as an epic fail haha. i tried different combinations but my stripes just were not cutting it for my particular maxi skirt :p so i just ended up experimenting and going off outfit tangents until i came to this outfit.
i find that a lot of great things happen by accident, right?

also ended up pairing it with what i'd have to say are the highest heels i've ever owned [[o______o]] which prompted me to make me think i was some kind of ballerina and spin in front of my camera like a 4 year old. [[a little bit dangerous actually since i tripped over myself twice but then again, i'm naturally clumsy so...yea haha]]

btw, this post's title is from "meddle"-little boots. it's one of those songs that i like to play when i feel like...mmm a force to be reckoned with? ;] haha

crop top-ross
skirt- c/o modest june
deer necklace-forever 21
ring-county fair

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  1. cute outfit! i love the color of the skirt - it goes great with the striped top! (stripes for the win! i love 'em too!) Xx