Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tell me what you know about dreams

so, in keeping to the theme of catching you guys up on what's been going on lately, my cousins matthew and almond and my niece leanza graduated from high school! :D
they grow up so fast x') i can't believe they're already on their way to college!

pretty much the whole immediate family [[which is still a lot of people lol]] came down to support our grads. we're all pretty happy and proud of them and wish them the best when they get into college :]
we later on proceeded to a chinese restaurant called lucky star and gorged ourselves on yummy food :9 [[we usually go when they're serving dim sum but unfortunately it ends at 3pm ;____; i love dim sum...]] and looking back, i regret not taking pictures of all the delicious food to make your tummies growl :p haha

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