Tuesday, May 31, 2011

get your leather on

i was looking through my old pictures that are saved up on my laptop and on my chictopia account and on here as well and its pretty obvious to me how much i love my leather jacket that i got last year.
i pretty much wear it all the time and with almost anything, if the weather allows me to that is, and i have to say, it's a pretty good investment :] [[and such a steal too! $20?? thank you costco ;D]]
so i thought since i have so many pictures of it on, that it's about time i do a remix post of it right? plus i haven't really done one in a very long time so this should be fun :]

okay, so i just noticed that there are only 10 pictures of me in my leather jacket, but trust me, i wear it everywhere. and with warmer weather making it's appearance here in sunny southern california, i'm gonna have to start saying good-bye to my favorite jacket and start mixing it up a little :p my other outerwear items need their time in the sun too! ;]

Monday, May 30, 2011

hearts all over the world tonight

well since i'm still trying to keep my pictures up to date, i should probably keep up with the whole "catch up" thing i've been doing here lately :p
so with that said, last saturday was my cousin April's wedding and it was a very lovely affair :]

she also looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress though unfortunately, i couldn't get a decent picture of the lovely couple and i probably won't get one until my family gets the photos we took in the "photo booth" at the reception

the theme of the wedding was "dream destinations" with little "passport" wedding programs and the tables labeled as different destinations

me and my trusty photographer/cousin yvanna were obviously seated at the vegas table and as yvanna would say "we at vegas cuz we cray-zeee" lol. yea, we thought that at first since we were the first ones at our table, but we were later on proved wrong when my other younger cousins sat down next to us... "o crap! we got the kids table!" hahaha though in my other cousins' defenses, we are all a tad bit "cray cray" in our own way ;]
i loved our center piece -_____- i seriously wanted to take the whole thing home even though they were ridiculously large. but we were only allowed to take the bouquets that were inside home :( i really wanted the branches that were in there too and i probably would've taken them too if they weren't so damn big and it's kinda hard to sneak that out in my bag... lol

om nom nom nom nom :9 haha our dinner was totally yummy :] and the wedding cake as well. [[THE CAKE HAD OREOS IN IT!!! love oreos dude...]]

my cousin's wedding was also the first time i had champagne which seemed pretty cool and sophisticated at the time but that was before i tasted it =_____=; lol it looked pretty and smelled fine but blech! hahaha totally not for me. i wanted to ask one of the servers if i could exchange my champagne for apple cider but didn't because i didn't wanna seem rude :p but i ended up giving it to my auntie cely instead and toasted to the bride and groom with water hahaha
anyhoo, this is what i ended up wearing to the wedding :]

necklace-love diva

Friday, May 27, 2011

love in my tummy

sooo about a week ago was me and aj's 6 year anniversary.
o yea, did i tell you guys? he and i used to be boyfriend and girlfriend :p we've broken up about a year ago but for some reason we still ended up hanging out with one another like all the time. [[i guess it's more of a "break" than an actual "break up"]]
i'm not gonna delve too much into it for obvious reasons, but anyways, yes, our anniversary was a week ago and even though we're not "officially" together anymore, we still like to celebrate our anniversary. :] this year we just went out to eat at this AMAZING diner called Brian's American Eatery where they serve delicious american food in generous servings :9 i first went here with my friend rochelle after my first slumber party since i was 11 :p and lemme tell ya, Brian's really hit the spot x9 and i knew aj liked eating "brinner", which is breakfast for dinner, so i suggested this place instead of ihop :p [[*note* i have nothing against ihop! just that we needed a change of pace/scenery every once in a while>< please don't get offended ihop people if you see this!! ><]]

there's actually a lot of variety on the menu in terms of american food and breakfast all day and everything sounded so damn tastey! [[and they are]] and really, there just isn't enough room in my belly to fit them all in one sitting :p haha

apparently, i make weird/funny faces when i'm eating and drinking[[but actually when i think of it, i make funny faces all the time :p]] and aj thought it'd be funny to "pose" like me...
me:what're you doing? you're making all these weird faces
aj:i'm posing like you do whenever i take pictures of you eating.
me:whaaat?? i don't make faces!
aj:yes, you do look back at the photos i took
me: *reviews photos* =_________=; you're right...
pshh this kid... -,-

then our food arrives! :D [[YAYYY!!]] aj got some kind of whole wheat pancakes+eggs over easy+potatoes o'brian

aaand i got a dish called the "laguna scramble" which was eggs+sausage+bell peppers and other tastey things :9 along with potatoes and one of the yummiest biscuits everrr! [[i kid you not. i love honey and this thing was like honey bread it was amazing!]]

aj and i were so hungry that we totally just dug into our meals that i almost forgot to take pictures of them!
i mean, c'mon! lookit the anticipation on my face! [["imma eat chu and you and you and youuu" lol]] and i'm kinda thinking that that's a foodgasm face on the last picture i took of aj hahahha.
and like the total fatties that we are, we ordered a mini apple pie for dessert and split it :] it was actually quite cute and delicious as well. :]

wow ._____. this whole post kinda just seemed like a food blog post c[: haha
well, i didn't really take a good shot of my outfit [[which was totally cute btw ;] cuz that's just how i roll haha]] i might as well catch you guys up on what's been going on :]
o and probably make you guys hungry after this! lol what do you guys feel like eating now? ;]

Thursday, May 26, 2011

i am not jasmine i am aladdin

i can't believe how i've let outfit shots pile up on me ._____. it's pretty ridiculous to say the least. :p
i guess ever since summer break started i've just been too busy [[or lazy *ahem*]] to blog and it is kinda shameful >____<
so anyhoo, let us catch up shall we? :] starting with two weeks ago [[winces]]

dang, i haven't worn this dress since thanksgiving! it's been a while and i'm pretty glad that i fit in it a lot better than i did 6 months ago :] [[thank you p.e. classes! :D]]
this is also my first set of self portraits w my trusty tripod since, gosh, feels like forever! i totally envy all the bloggers out there who take self portraits and make it look so good! i just look and feel awkward taking my own pictures sometimes -_______-; i usually have to take a whole lot to find a pretty good one and it sucks :p i would have had my cousin yvanna take my photos but she wasn't invited to the party [[for obvious reasons]] and was thus kicked out of the house to go shopping with her friends.
but yes, i wore this to my cousin's bridal shower two weeks ago and let me just say, it was quite an experience o______o lol i'd post up pictures from the party, but i don't think it'd be appropriate c[: but all in all it was a pretty fun party and i can't wait till somebody else i know gets married! :D hahaha
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

some feelings never seem to let go

i know i've blogged about balboa park a hellavuh lot here and how it's so pretty and awesome for it's architecture and landscaping and it's such a good place to take pictures, but sometimes it's nice to go off the beaten path and find beauty in secret little corners of the park :]

i still pick up aj from his job at the tea shop and i love coming to the park around that time. when everything is starting to close and the tourist flow slows down to a trickle and the lighting is just starting to get good :] y'know, kinda sunset-y but not quite?
anyhoo, he and i were kinda in a rush to get home that day because it was his brother's 18th birthday and since we were already driving out of the park and losing some serious light, i had to convince him to take some "quick 5 min photos" so we pulled into the last parking lot before the main street and took photos near a little side road for service cars.

there were weeds of course and overgrown vines or some sort. i hardly think the groundskeepers pay special attention to the landscapes next to parking lots, but nonetheless, i like seeing a little piece of "wild" growth :p plus, i like this kind of tree. random i know! haha but i like how the roots grow. there's a huge one more into the park on one of the trails and lots of people like to pictures there as well. anyhoo, i digress :p

aj's also been getting pretty good at taking pictures lately :] i'm so proud of him, he actually took the initiative to take pictures from different angles/places without being told and doesn't wait for me to pose and make it super obvious and awkward lol.
he actually took these over the shoulder ones on his own and stupid me, i told him to go back to where he was >< i felt totally bad for smushing his "artistic flow" [[haha sorry, that just sounded totally cheesey]] but i've got to learn to trust him more with taking my pictures and encourage his creative side when it decides to show :]
and he's also taking pictures wherever/whenever he thinks will make a good shot so that's definitely something that i love :D

o yea, and he always manages to encourage me to take silly photos even though i'm trying to act all serious and take "pretty photos" :p

o by the way, i'm a giant dork if you guys didn't know already c[: hahaha

lately i've been listening to a band called donkeyboy that my friend angeli from porcelain party kind of introduced me and my friends to on a mixed cd she gave all of us one year and this song was one of their songs that i really liked on the tracklist :]

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