Thursday, April 21, 2011

like a gull takes to the wind

yesterday would definitely be labeled as a photo adventure... c[:
yesterday, my friend aj had the day off from work and he agreed to help me take photos for le blog and also to be in them! :D i was pretty happy about that since i like taking pictures and i also got to style someone else. [[and the opposite sex too! so different!]] it was a bit of a challenge since i've never really styled someone other than myself before but i would like to think it turned out pretty well. :]

we matched in a way that didn't make us look like a couple taking engagement or couple-y photos but made it look like we're, i dunno, fashionably competent? hahaha idk. at least i know he looked good in what he was wearing :] [[sans jacket+baseball cap which i hated >:( it gave him hat hair! >< ugh, these boys...]]

we also ended up taking the first set of pictures in balboa park since we thought at the time the weather would be better there and less overcast [[wrong!]] and c'mon, it's like balboa park which is like, one of the places in san diego to take photos. seriously, on any given day, [[or nice day]] you'll see people having their pictures formally taken for one thing or another.
anyhoo, it's pretty much a nice place to be in general and the food at the cafes at all the exhibits ain't too shabby either ;]

afterwards we walked around a little bit looking for potential photo settings. it was a bit embarrassing since there were more tourists about at noon. [[i usually go there around closing time when everybody is packing up to go home]] and it was kinda funny running back and forth between the tripod and aj and posing hahaha.though i have to say, he's a lot better at posing for photos by himself than i am. :p but if we're in a picture together, he either goes into prom photo mode or outshines me completely xD hahaha

it was also his first time being in outfit shots with me and also using my new dslr to take pictures of me. personally, i think he's gonna need some more practice with using the lense and taking more artistic stretches/leaps when it comes to photography/portraiture. but i think he's also got a bit of beginner's luck since i did get some pretty good shots yesterday :]

in the end though we probably spent like an hour or so there since it started to rain and aj's dog lilo was getting tired. the poor sweet ol gal :]

we also took another set of photos at our local park. y'know, the one where we usually go skating at? because i did want to go skateboarding after taking pictures but we ended up taking more pictures [[of me this time haha]] in some tall weeds since i've always wanted to do something like that c[: but i think i'll save that for next post yea? ;]

i also had this song stuck in my head yesterday: "new slang"-the shins while roaming around balboa. i first heard it on the soundtrack of the movie Garden State and it's quite catchy.

Garden State also happens to be one of me and aj's favorite movie [[mostly mine c[: ]] since it has zak braff and natalie portman is in it :] and the movie soundtrack is one of my favorites. it's one of the albums that i can pretty much listen to from beginning to end without hitting fast forward or next and i like that :] it tells a story apart from the movie and it lends well to my constant daydreaming x]
i hope you guys enjoy :]

on me:
jacket-forever 21
wedges-hand me downs
on aj:
slip ons-vans


  1. wonderful photos <3 you both are so cute!!! oh and so is your dog hehe!! the food looks delicious!! and i love your dress!!

  2. I love the pattern mixing with the polka-dots and the stripes! These pictures are so sweet and all your food pictures are making my stomach grumble. :P

  3. I love the stripes and polka dots together, such a fun look!
    AND I totally I agree, I looooove the Garden State soundtrack so much!