Wednesday, April 13, 2011

cuppy cake

i pretty much adore all my nieces and nephews. i have quite a few since my family is so large including my extended family. they all vary by age and its a bit different from...i dunno, how americans label certain family members. like second cousins, aunts twice removed, blah blah blah [[i never really understood that; when a family member is "removed" .____.]] but i'm guessing in the filipino culture, we don't really have that. we just have cousins and we go by generation.
anyhoo, i digress. although i don't usually like to label "favorites" i'd have to say my cousin michelle's daughter, isabella would probably be my favorite niece :]

she's 5 [[i think...her height always makes me thinks she's a lot older...]] likes hello kitty, clothes and dancing :]she's my little sidekick whenever her momma and the rest of her family comes down to visit us and we always end up playing our made up games. she also says the cutest/funniest things sometimes and, ugh, sometimes i wish i could just take her home x]
she also has a flair for style [[just like her auntie ;] ]] and loves to dress pretty girly with dresses and bows and what not. and sometimes when they're over she likes to pose/help me with my outfits shots [[ as seen here]]

i love my niece and nephews and since i've gained more nieces recently, this is pretty awesome :] i love babies but for the longest time they've kind of been a mixed bag whenever i was around one. they would either love me or cry and give me the cold baby shoulder. ;_____; now i feel like i've gained some "mommy skills" [[as i like to call them]] and now, BABIES FRIGGIN LOVE ME! :D lol. i get all motherly and i enjoy taking care of and playing with my nieces and nephews and i like to think that it shows :]
esp in these pictures haha it kinda reminds me of miss james from bleubird vintage and whenever she features other mothers who also have bomb style :] but obviously i'm not a mom, just an auntie and honestly, i'd like to stay that way till i'm more older haha.

anyhoo, yup. that's my niece izzy :] she's super adorable and my right hand man whenever she's in the neighborhood. we've even made up games and inside jokes and i've also taught her this song when she was little...-er

and sometimes she'll even sing it for me when she's not as shy or remembers the words [[which ever comes first lol]] but yup, she's my lil cuppy cake :]

adorable niece-cousin's


  1. What a peach!!!
    My family is huge, but I don't have any nephews, nieces, or even 1st cousins! My grandma was super young when she had my mom, so it throws everything off.