Wednesday, April 20, 2011

skyline drive

yesterday was the 2nd day of my spring break and though i know i should've been more productive, i didn't really do much accomplish-ing. most errands around the house and around my neighborhood. :/
i usually don't really "dress up" for errand running. maybe some shorts or pants and a big comfy tee that i'm sure that if i wore to school and my friends saw me, they'd be like, "you're wearing that to school??" hahaha. i get that a lot whenever i choose to dress down esp for hip hop class. i've given up dressing in work out clothes for that class since my street clothes seem to suffice. i mean c'mon, when you're dancing outside of class, what're you wearing? street clothes! so yup, that's my class where i just dress comfy :]
anyhoo, i digress. yesterday just felt like any other weekend day, well, except for the fact that it was tuesday but i'm guessing you guys know what i'm talking about. and i had been cleaning my room last saturday and found my old "fat jeans" from like, ehhh last year? and since they're horribly baggy on me, and i don't like to waste good pacsun jeans, i figured, hey hey hey! i could wear them as boyfriend jeans! :D

i don't usually wear baggy jeans because i'm more of a skinny jeans type of person and the whole "baggy bottoms=fitted tops" just seems foreign to me since it's usually the other way around. but hey, a style challenge is always welcomed :] that means more room for improvement and you get to learn more about yourself right?

plus i'm also pretty proud of myself for getting so fit these past couple of months :] i actually used to be quite fit in high school, but then again, who hasn't said that before? hahaha but seriously though, back in high school, i wasn't particularly skinny or overweight and i was actually happy with my body image. and since college, and being hospitalized, i've been trying to get back to that along with trying to build my self confidence back up. but i have to say, after finding the style/fashion blogging community, i'm learning to love myself and how i look unconditionally as opposed to "ugh, i gained two pounds! guh-roooossss! i don't wanna leave the house!" i work with what i have now and though it might sound a bit materialistic or whatever, since i've learned how to dress myself better, it's helped me to love how i look :]

or perhaps that goes along with age and how there's less pressure in college to impress your peers. but eh, why should i bother myself with the reasons behind it when i could be enjoying what's happening right now? :] sometimes ignorance is bliss x]

faux leather jacket-hawke&co.
"bf" jeans-pacsun
heels-hand me downs

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  1. great outfit!! i love your jacket <3 and cute photos!!