Monday, April 11, 2011

you get what you give

sooo it was someone's birthday yesterday... ;] mine! :D i'm finally 21 and i'm pretty excited! not cuz i get to legally drink or whatever comes with the age, i'm genuinely excited and happy that i'm one year older :] i always get that way around my birthday. maybe it's cuz i get my family and friends around me and everyone is happy i mean c'mon! birthdays=food=cake! who doesn't like cake??
so anyways, i celebrated my birthday with my gals last saturday at coronado beach complete with bonfire :] [[i've always wanted to go to the beach on my birthday and it's been on my bucket list for quite sometime so i'm happy that i get to cross that off now :D]]

my friend angeli and i got there 9am thinking we were gonna have to duel some people for a fire pit but since it wasn't really full on spring vacation mode at the moment, it just wasn't the case /)____= though i'd like to think we had a pretty good time waiting for our friends to get off work...right? lol anyhoo, i owe this girl big time :]
i had also borrowed a tent from my uncle [[since he's an avid camper/outdoors man]] to shield us from the southern california sun and april winds but that didn't quite work
[[i could hear a trumpet going "wah wah waaahhh" everytime we looked over at our failed attempt of a tent hahaha]] but i think we put a pretty good dent in our time killing. angeli being my fantastic photographer took some really amazing outfit shots of me in my birthday dress :]

[[gah! so hard narrowing down my favorites!! ><]]
but anyhoo, i think the bonfire was a success :] my girls were all there and we had some good snuggling time in my teddy bear blanket c[:

so yea, happy burday to me x] i had a great time that day and i felt so happy and loved even though we were all freezing our butts off but at least i was surrounded by my friends who love me and that was more than enough :] <3

heels-steve madden hand me downs
bracelet-charlotte russe
sunglasses-hot topic

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