Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i caught myself

aj and i have been frequenting our local park a lot lately for like, the past two weeks for him to get his exercise to get into the navy and for me to practice my skateboarding.
and i'm starting to think that it's really starting to pay off :] though i'm not 100% sure on aj's part hahaha but he looks like he's getting smaller so i guess that's a good sign of progress no? :]
as for me, i'd have to say i've gotten a lot better :] i can turn a lot better and my balance has really improved :] i can actually go around the park without having aj around in case i wobble and possibly fall.

even today i skated at balboa park in a dress and flats ;D i'm pretty pleased about that too since i was doing it all by myself and i actually feel nervous skating in things other than jeans and slip on shoes.
they're kinda like my protection from scrapes since y'know, jeans require some effort to tear and slip ons just feel a lot more stable on a board as opposed to other shoes :/
but it still feel pretty good to get over your fear of falling off and totally eating it. it hasn't happened to me yet [[THANK GOD]] and i'm pretty sure down the road i probably will [[maybe when i learn how to ollie or manual but that's later]] but for now, i'm enjoying the fruits of my labor :]

aj and i have also been bringing our dogs with us once in a while for them to get exercise and also try and get them to pull me on my board c[: haha i kinda had this in mind:

though i doubt my lil forest prince zorro could do that hahaha [[maybe my other dog frisco since he pull on the leash anyways but we haven't tried that out yet...]] but zorro usually just acts like a good pack follower and likes to either walk/run next to me while i'm skating which is good and all, but i think it'd be a lot better use of his endless energy if he did more work you know what i mean? meh, we'll see. [[or maybe i can have a pack of small dogs pull me...hahaha that'd be pretty funny c[: ]]
also all the skating stuff has gotten me into my inner tomboy. [[i think i've said this before? hmm not sure :/ but i'll say it again! >:D]] i don't usually wear jeans and a tee unless i'm too lazy to put together and outfit or if i'm just running errands.
but i'm actually looking to follow chick skaters for outfit inspiration on what to wear because as much as i love style, i love it even more when it has a function to it as well. like how i've noticed that a lot of skaters wear jeans and flannel. [[well, my nephew actually... he's a skater and every christmas he asks for flannel shirts hahaha]] since flannel is pretty durable when you fall and it's pretty comfy no?
o yea, and there's also this girl in the sociology class before mine who i think exhibits excellent skater style. [[i my opinion anyways]] i'd take a picture of her but i don't wanna look like a creeper lol. but she just happens to be one of those people that you see everyday and look forward to seeing what they're gonna wear because their style is just so flyyy B] she's got like, the perfect balance between tomboy and femininity down while i usually just look either kinda sloppy or like a boy .____. hahaha
o well, new lessons and tricks to learn i guess ;]

band tee-hot topic
skateboard-zip zinger


  1. you totally rock the super cool skateboard look :P and your smile is truly gorgeous. i love it. :)

    i also saw your "new slang" music vid in your last post. i love the shins!!

  2. Function plus style. You stole my heart. Loving the look!