Wednesday, April 6, 2011

not fair

"o it's not fair, and it's really not okay, it's really not okay, it's really not okay/oh, you're supposed to care/but all you do is take, yeah, all you do is take"-"not fair" by lily allen

so last saturday i went dress shopping at my near by mall with my good friend angeli of porcelain party and bought myself a lil...let's call it a "revenge dress" [[don't ask]] with the gift cards i got for christmas last year. i've been meaning to stock up on dresses anyways for spring so it was kind of a "kill two birds with one stone" kinda thing and i got this cute little sun dress from forever 21 :]

it was actually a bit of an impulse buy since i was a bit frustrated with the selection at my near by f21 [[i was looking for a particular dress which they didnt have in stock >< ugh...lame]] and plus it was one of the few dresses that fit under my $25 limit :/ but it actually ended up being a very good purchase and i even got the "seal of approval" from my friends :D which is always nice to hear <3

anyhoo, today after school i went to balboa park to pick up my friend aj from work and as usual, i was a couple of hours early. so y'all know what that means ;] free time+balboa park+camera=mini photo shoots :]
i had about an hour to kill so i spent it in the japanese friendship garden :] and like everywhere else in balboa park, it's absolutely lovely there and perfect for picture taking :3

when i went it was pretty overcast and it drizzled a bit and that plus it being late afternoon in the middle of the week, you're pretty much guaranteed less of crowd. haha but there were still some tourists here and there taking pictures and it was pretty awkward for me posing in front of my camera waiting for the self timer to go off haha. "i'm not conceited! i swear! >< i'm doing this for my blog!" lol
it's actually really nice to take pictures here or just hang especially near the koi pond :]

these guys are so pretty and so BIG! they're definitely well fed lol. and they're also really funny and quite friendly surprisingly. i guess it's because to them whenever they see a human putting their hand near the water that equals snack time to them. not that they eat little fingers or anything! hahaha it's that some days there's a lady who comes to the garden and gives koi fish food for the little kids to feed them. it's best when you stick your hand in the water though. like when you go feed other sea creatures at places like sea world; it feels kinda funny and weird haha. last time i went i got to feed them and there was this one particular koi fish that was a little piggy and kept shoving his way through the other koi to get to the food hahaha

also, before i forget, when i bought my "revenge dress" my friend angeli gave me an idea on how to style it. "blazer+bangles+funky necklace" :] and i liked the idea so much i decided to try it so in a way, she kinda styled my outfit today hahaha :]

only i kinda feel like i lacked the cool bangles/funky necklace [[despite my "cool" collection of necklaces haha]] but i thought i looked pretty cute ;] lol

but spring is almost fully here and summer is not far behind :] [[or more like summer feeling weather...]] and i'm just really excited :] can't you tell? ;] haha

dress-forever 21
wedges-hand me down
necklace-hoover dam gift shop
bracelts-vendor in the Philippines

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  1. Pretty outfit! I love your new dress =) And I want to know why it's a revenge dress haha?! Also your wedges are lovely =D